JA50 Countdown - 500 more nuggets

Followers of this blog will know that to celebrate 50 years of Jamaican independence we had a countdown over 50 days of favourite Jamaican tunes from the last 50 years, with people adding their own favourites as we went along – there’s a nice record of that countdown to be found here for prosperity: tinyurl.com/jamaicanindependence50 

The excellent Record Collector magazine has just published its own list along similar lines - 10 tracks from each year. I've scanned and posted this list here in the spirit of Fair Use - to celebrate and create greater awareness and appreciation of the music. I think the list when put alongside the community produced list we created makes for a wonderful resource. If anyone from RC has a problem with this please contact me directly - just leave a comment in the post.

Hopefully clicking on the scans below will zoom in on it and bring it to a readable size. If that doesn't work for you then click on the image once, then right click>open image, and from there if still too small to read try pressing the plus + key to zoom in (depending on your browser).

If all else fails follow these links:

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