Good Vibes: 1978-1984 Roots

Pulling out some 10s and 12s I picked up this year, including plenty of reissues of rarities and previously unreleased dubplates, recordings spanning from about 1978 to 1984.

First up two Lee Perry productions, sounds of justice coming from Kiddus I followed by a great George Faith cut, both fantastic examples of the last highest-height days at the Black Ark. Following on nicely is Good Vibes, a state-side rarity from Wackies - should've played the dub too, but rushed to get two killer Channel One's on, the previously unreleased Love and Understanding on the Mr. Bassie rhythm, and a tune I just can't get enough of, Can't Stop Righteousness by the Gladiators - love the message on that one.

Moving on from there into four firing tunes: first the previously unreleased dubplate mix of Jughead, UK roots at its best, next the deep dub mix of an exceptional Augustus Pablo track, storming in next the previously unreleased Tubby dubplate mix of  Leggo Jah Jah Children, followed by what i think is one of the most powerful of all roots tunes, Al Campbell's Jah Love, great vocal cut first, blazing Scientist mix following, and an eye watering Tubbys mix to finish.

80s twelves up next, the heavy Flabba Holt production Warmonger followed by a track I've been after for a while, Confusion, Horace Andy never sounding better in my opinion - unbeatable music. The Lacksley Castell track Government Man was reworked a few times in recent years but this is the mighty original, and winding up the selection on an uplifting note is Mikey Dread's  Break Down the Walls followed with some version excursioning on the Rougher Yet rhythm with the Roots Radics. So much good vibes this year....

Good Vibes: 1978-1984 Roots

Too Fat - Kiddus I
Guide Line - George Faith
Guide Dub - The Upsetters
Conscious Guide - Dougie Wandrop on the mix
Good Vibes - Steve Reynolds
Love and Understanding - John Holt
Can't Stop Righteousness - Gladiators
Jughead Dubplate Mix - Dennis Bovell
No Exit Dub - Gussie Clarke
Leggo Jah Jah Children Dubplate - King Tubby
Jah Love - Al Campbell
Jah Love Dub - Scientist
Jah Love Dub - King Tubby
Warmonger - Barry Brown
Confusion + Version - Horace Andy
Government Man -  Lacksley Castell 
Break Down the Walls -  Mikey Dread
Rock With Roots Radics - Jah Thomas & The Radics

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