Southside Sessions: Bumping House & Jumping Garage

Along with a couple of friends we're starting up a new series of club nights in my patch of South London - calling these nights the Southside Sessions. The launch is a night of Garage, House and 2 Step at the Fox & Firkin in Lewisham. Hopefully that will become a regular jam, already plans afoot for a summer session with Jeremy Sylvester headlining, and we've plans to a get a Jungle & DnB night up and running at a different venue too.

So to celebrate the launch here's a promo mix of bumping and jumping house, classic uk garage, and some other boundary pushing shuffles - aiming to capture some of the range of music you might hear at the night.

Kicking off with a couple of 1993 foundational US garage tunes, moving on to a couple of later 90s bombs before rolling through some of the range of modern garage influenced tunes out there in recent times.

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Southside Sessions: Bumping House & Jumping Garage

D Tune - Just An Organ (1993)
The Messenger - Guide My Soul (1993)
Sounds of Blackness - The Pressure (Booker T Lick) (1997)
RIP Productions - Work It (1996)
Johan S - Bogus (2019)
Soledrifter - I Said (SE Studios & Steve Seck Ruff Dub) (2020)
D Base - Base Theory (2000)
Jay Funk - Shout It Out (Statix Mix) (2021)
Stones Taro - Again (2021)
Marc Cotterell and Danny J Lewis - Blues For You (Rework) (2019)
Mad Villains, Dantiez - More (2018)
Groove Skool - To A Better Place (Caution's Dub) (2020)
Bailey Ibbs - We Run (2021)
Jeremy Sylvester - Something For Your Mind (2017)
Two Tone Productions - Heavy Like Lead (2021)
Zac Stanton - Reeces Pieces (2021)
DJ Hermit - Blow The Roof Off (2018)
Johan S - Play Me Down (2018)
Billy Butler - 2020 Vision (2021)
Oppidan - Delfino Square (2021) 

Foundational Deep House 1987-1991 vs Fresh Deep House

A double bill of deep house: with a foundational mix from me, and a guest mix of fresh deep house from f3z.

There's so much house music that gets called deep these days, which is fair enough as there's many a way of going in, but this first mix is all about the original incarnation. Tracks full of sweet melancholy, rolling with no rush, drawing on the spirit of street soul and the logic of dub, and providing an emotional core to the endless second summer of love.

Featuring heavily are classic tunes from New York labels like Strictly Rhythm, Fourth Floor, and a big dose of the almighty Burrell Brothers driving the Nu Groove sound. Also touching a couple of Chicago tracks, from godfather of this sound Larry Heard and Robert Owens. A couple of rarer cuts in there too, including a previously unreleased instrumental version of Sha-Lor's 1987 deep anthem I'm In Love. 

New York and Chicago both get some serious snow in winter, and there's something warming and fitting about this sound for the winter months. Larry Heard recalls on making his deep house anthem Can You Feel It "it was in the winter and at that time I was living in this apartment that had these really big windows, kind of a loft place, and I had a view of downtown Chicago and it was snowing. All of my friends that were over that night, they all remember that visual of the snow falling and this music playing." I love to picture that! Here's hoping this mix brightens up these dark months....

Time Out For Loving: Foundational Deep House 1987-1991

Devine Masters - Paradise (Vacuum Mix)
Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out (Club Mix)
N.Y. House'n Authority - APT 3A
Mr Fingers - What About This Love (Extended Mix)
Mr Fingers - What About This Love (Dub Mix)
Aphrodisiac - Song Of The Siren (Black Sea Mix)
Soft House Company - A Little Piano
Scorpio - Shout It
Robert Owens - Visions (Album Version)
The Utopia Project - File #2
No Smoke - Righteous Rule (Vocal)
No Smoke - Righteous Rule (Dub)
Tech Trax Inc - State Of The Art (Unautomated Mix)
Tech Trax Inc - State Of The Art (Automated Mix)
After Hours - Waterfalls (3 A.M. Mix)
Sha-Lor - I'm in Love (Instrumental Version)
Fallout - The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)
Logic - The Final Frontier (Acoustic Mix)
Joey Negro - Do It, Believe It (Jeep Music)
Metro - Brownstone Express

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...and in response to this mix of mine, my good friend f3z has put together a mix of fresh deep house, mainly tunes from the last couple of years or so. f3z is a Leeds-based producer, DJ and club promoter who also occasionally plays alongside the eclectic Downtown Science crew, who play out across Leeds venues and beyond. Big up f3z!! Some other tasty hose and techno mixes on his mixcloud, so check them out.

Deep Winter by f3z

SPCE - Lightness
Dan Piu - A Beautiful Day
Aleqs Notal - Lighten You Up
Satoshi Tomiie - Thursday 2 AM (Ron Trent Remix Dub)
Deenamic - Fears
Baaz - Carbon Hair
Marcellus Pittman - An Afternoon Delight
Glenn Underground - Silent Pimp (Peace in My Place)
Alton Miller - All the Little Things
Chaos in the CBD - Double Dribble
Gerd - Palm Leaves (Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub Mix)
Patrice Scott - Moments & Concepts
Zepherin Saint - Resurrect My Feelings
Alton Miller - Way of the Drum
GU - Peaceful Rage (Acid Revenge)
Leeon - That Generous Friend

R U Ready 2 Jack? Fresh Acid Bombs

Will be going to the brilliant I Love Acid night at South London's Corsica Studios next week, so to get in the mood have thrown down an hour of some favourite nuskool acid and jacking house dancefloor bombs, all tunes from the last few years, though opening up with a 1988 classic from one of the Chicago founders, the mighty Mike Dunn, still going so strong to this day.

Big dedication on this mix goes out to Uncle B.o.B. who requested it - big up Ryan. Also got to send a shout out to Fez who turned me on to a couple of the tracks and a biiig thank you to the Fishfinger for helping with some technical matters. Also respects to all the I Love Aciders and the Don't headstrong. And last but not least big love to all the crew heading down x. Play it loud..

R U Ready 2 Jack? Fresh Acid Bombs

Mike Dunn - So Let It Be Houze (Original '88 Mix)
Lauren Flax - Work
Posthuman - The Benz
The Organ Grinder - Magic Box
DJ Sneak & Tripmastaz - Concentrate
BAGS Inc - D Question
DJ Haus - Ready 2 Jack (Shadow Child Remix)
Dennis Quin & Edwin Oosterwal - Synth Seller
Dennis Quin - Aciden (Chambray Remix)
Binny - Roll With It
Demiur - How Do I Ask
Aiden Tyrell - Say Wut (909)
Queer On Acid  & Robert Owens - Take Me (MASC Mix)
Gene On Earth - Bionic Beat
Hostage - Ascension
Granary 12 - Way We Do
Paranoid London - Light Tunnel
Outro: Gerd - Planet FDMX (707 Mix)

Junglism Pt.4 - Future Jungle 2017-2021

For the final part of this Jungle mix series I'm playing some of my favourite tracks from recent times. There is definitely a Jungle revival going on - has been bubbling for a while - but I think 2020 could go down as a vintage year and a turning point - seems to be so many good tunes have come out this last year. It would really be great to see more of the longtime DnB producers making some Jungle tunes in the 160+bpm range, and for the scene to have those two gears, of new DnB and new Jungle both going as strong as one another.

Nothing but love and respect to all the producers and labels putting out this music, and promoters putting on the nights. Got to send a big shout out to all the Distant Planet family who have been doing so much in keeping the oldskool vibe alive here in London. 

Really hope you've been enjoying this mix series - if you haven't already, do check out the earlier chapters, Part 1 Proto Jungle 89-91, Part 2 Pirate Jungle 92, Part 3 Golden Jungle 93-95. 

Junglism Pt.4 - Future Jungle 2017-2021

Ark X - X2LV (2019)
Joakuim - Jungle Power (2017)
Specialist X - Mind Signs (2020)
DJ Stretch - Kisses (2020)
Break - Sesame Seeds (2020)
Foul Play  - A.I (The Last Ronin Remix) (2020)
Ricky Force - Real Love (2017)
Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv (2020)
Duburban - Back For More (2021)
Missing & Mr Time - Original 90s (2020)
Keezee & Tim Reaper - The Roughneck Sound (2020)
FFF - Gaze Out (2017)
Shay - Badboy (2020)
Sully - Werk (2020)
Marcus Visionary - Real Warrior (L-Side Remix) (2020)
Decibella - Outta London (2020)
Zere & DJ Hybrid - Inside The Dance (2020)
Enjoy - Sincere Whispering (2020)
Pete Cannon - It’s Like Ecstasy (2020)

Download link

Junglism Pt.3 - Golden Jungle 1993-95

Part 3 of the UK Jungle mix series, this one covering the golden age of 1993-1995, when the jungle sound blew up, where the tempos of 160-170bpm got settled on, and the formulas gelled together into a tradition. That said, the line of 'what is Jungle' is always a blurry one - is a firing ambient amen Bukemesque track from the period Jungle? Or a darkcore roller? For me Yes and No. Genre names are useful but they can also be restrictive, and there are so many different moods and directions you can play a Jungle set from this period (such as this recent mix of mine focussing on loved up jungle).

What I've tried to do here is keep clear of the harder amen rinse outs, and also anything too cosmic or gurn inducing (much as I love all of that!). Going for a more bubbling vibe, with some deeper drum workouts and a couple of rarer ones in there to keep it interesting. 

Next up after this, for the final mix in this series, Part 4, I'll be playing some new tunes that are reviving the jungle tradition in fine style. 

Junglism Pt.3 - Golden Jungle 1993-95

1. Family of Intelligence - Learning From My Brother (1993)
James Stephens, the man involved with those pivotal Noise Factory releases of 1992, here breaking new ground and creating new formulas for the Jungle sound of 1993. Jungle breaks, rare groove samples, dancehall attitude - a template of what was to come, and a step aside from anything too ravey sounding. Released on the mighty Kemet label, such an important camp for out-and-out jungle in 93 and 94. Long mixing this one with:

2. Gappa G and Hypa Hyper - Information Centre (DJ Ron Remix) (1993)
9pm Friday nights there was only one was place to be: locked in to Kool FM for DJ Ron and SL, with MCs 5ive-O and Moose. The definitive jungle radio show of all time in my opinion. Ron not only a visionary DJ, but also a massively talented producer, whose tunes, especially Canaan Land, Mo Musik, Crackman and this one here are I think masterpieces of the genre. Really clever arrangement and elements.

3. Roni Size - Fresh (1993)
1993 was the year Roni Size burst onto the scene, and this one also the first official release on Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee's newly formed V Recordings - the rest is history! Still sounds so fresh this one I think.

4.  White Label  (1993)
Absolutely personal favourite underground white label pressure. Not that its even possible to do this in this day and age, but I'm going to keep the name on this one held back.

5. Code 071 - Ease Up Soundboy (Don Gargon Mix) (1993)
Slightly overlooked release on Reinforced Records I think, with a brilliant dreamlike breakdown in the second half, from the pair that made the classic A London Sumtin.

6. Simon Bassline Smith - Music and Life (1993)
Massive 2-track EP from Simon Smith, another enormous figure still going as strong today as thirty years ago. Both sides of this got caned. All about the power of a bassline this track. Proper vibes, seminal EP. Impossible not to long mix this right up to the breakdown.

7. Potential Bad Boy - 4 The Ladies (1993)
Another mighty release from PBB. I think this possibly one of the first ever tracks to really get that ragga-jungle thing sitting quite so neatly in the drum feel. I'm a sucker for Melody Madness on the A side, but that gets a bit hardcore in places.

8. DJ Solo - Darkage (1993)
I don't know how others see this track but for me this is probably the jungle anthem of 1993. From what I can see its never been licensed to compilations and the like, and maybe that's kept it status slightly more low key, but this was rinsed so hard at the time. Was in two minds whether to include it, as rinsed tunes can only be heard so many times, but personally I never tire of this one. Great fun to mix in and to mix out, begs to get played. All about the bassline. Every day and every night, jungle it.

9. Doc Scott - Far Away (1994)
One of the first releases on Goldie's freshly launched Metalheadz label, from the mighty Doc Scott. At first glance this might seem a mellow ambient tune, but on a system it really packs a punch and the jungle drum feel and bassline really make it come alive. Moving into a deeper section of the mix with this.

10. Smith and Mighty - Come Fly Away (Dub) (1994)
Following the theme of Far Away, flying off dubwise on this one - a unique rubadub sounding tune this I think from Bristol's Smith and Mighty.

11. Timmi Magic - Everything (1994)
Timmi Magic is best known as part of the legendary UK Garage trio Dreem Teem, but in 94 he was producing jungle, and this EP is a personal favourite. I played the other side in my recent Jungle Love mix. A lesser known record, but I think its got something special about it. 

12. The Family Foundation - Express '95 (Steve Gurley Remix) (1995)
A wicked upfull jungle update on a huge tune from 92 from Foul Play's brilliant Steve Gurley.

13. Dillinja - Tear Down (Da Whole Place) (1995)
Had to include a Dillinja tune, such an important figure. This one perhaps a slightly lesser known one I guess, as much as that is possible in such a revered discography. Deep rolling. 

14. Bizzy B - 16 Track Ting  (1995)
Bizzy is a monster and is responsible for some of the wildest tunes to ever come out of the rave scene. By comparison to some of those tunes this one is kind of reigned in but is as powerful a tune of his as any of them. I said in the intro Id hold back from amen rippers in this mix but here's one for good measure. 

15. Noodles & Wonder - Rarities (1995)
Getting to the last quarter, moving into three more soulful jams. Noodles became a big name on the UKG scene as Groove Chronicles, but was also well known for working in a range of record shops around London. This one a spot on rares-to-ragga cut. 

16. Hot Steppers - Vol1 A (1995)
Undercover release from DJ SS, no doubt because of sample clearance issues. I don't care what they say, always had a big soft spot for this.  

17. Dextrous - Moonlight (1995)
Unreleased rare-to-ragga jungle from King of the Jungle Dextrous. Got to send big thanks to Steph for the dubplate hook up - wicked track.

18. Andy C - Roll On (1995)
Finishing on an undisputed classic, Andy C proving that whatever year it is he can create era-defining music.

Download link

Junglism Pt.2 - Pirate Jungle 1992

Part two of the UK Jungle mix series, moving on from the proto years of 1989-1991 to look at the transitional but foundational year of 1992. Calling this mix Pirate Jungle as such a key role was played by pirate radio stations, particularly the likes of Weekend Rush, Kool and Defection (all broadcasting from the Nightingale Estate in Hackney) in forging this as a sound apart, and pushing tunes that often didn't get played at the big raves. 

1992 was an incredible year in which rave blew up in the UK, and thousands of wide-eyed youngbloods (like me!) poured onto dancefloors across the country. The music went crazy too, with tempos getting ever faster, and a manic mix of elements: pianos, pitched up vocals, stabs, pads, basslines, endless samples, often all crammed into one short tune. Hardcore dominated.

But in amongst this outpouring of wild creativity were some leaner tunes that carried a purer Jungle thinking, drawing more explicitly on the influence of earlier Black dance music forms, and particularly the logic of UK's soul and reggae soundsystem culture. This is a showcase of a few favourite tunes from that time. 

Got to shout my brother Fabrok who in 92 DJ'd on Kool FM (Kool celebrating 30 years of nonstop Jungle/DnB broadcasting this year) and turned me on to so much of the music played in this mix series. Forever in debt. 

Still to come: Part 3 Golden Era Jungle and Part 4 Future Jungle selection.... Part 1 Proto Jungle Years mix here.

Junglism Pt.2 - Pirate Jungle 1992

1. Liquid - Liquid Is Liquid (Remix)
For the first two tracks in this mix I'm going in dubwise - this one loosely based on a Jah Shaka production, or so I've heard. Liquid most famed for their massive hit Sweet Harmony. Billy Bunter says he often played this as the last tune at Labyrinth in 1992.

2. Tic Tac Toe - 456
Immense twelve inch that absolutely brought the clattering weight and power of a soundsytem roots dance to a rave setting. This and Ephemerol on the other side, and the remixes too = all amazing records. Was surprised to find out it was co-made by Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx fame. 

3. Wots My Code - Most High
This is what you all have been waiting for! Stepping out of the dubwise opening two tracks into the jungle breaks. This from a seminal jungle EP best known for the foundational "I Tell the DJ What To Play" 1992 jungle anthem Dub Plate, but always loved this track and Bachelor Rock off that EP, lesser played underground jungle tunes. 

4. CMC - Greetings
Chris McFarlane on Ibiza Records under the early CMC alias - Chris best known now as jungle heavyweight Potential Bad Boy, a name under which he still dons the jungle scene to this day. Legend.

4. Noise Factory - Warning (Dub Mix)
Following Greetings, another track released on Ibiza records. Noise Factory an act that simply helped write the jungle book in 1992 with a string of essential releases, not least the totally groundbreaking Capsule EP which zoomed away from the more standard 140-150bpm range of the time (as in this mix) up to 160 and even 170bpm, where jungle and DnB would end up following.

5. Smith & Mighty - Killa
Track from Bristol's Smith and Mighty, played at the wrong speed of 45 instead of the 33 it was meant to be played at. I think of this one as absolutely a Kool FM special - one of those secret finds that passed its way around the DJs on the station. I think I first heard this played by the mighty Brockie.
6. SLM - Nice N Slow
SLM - South London Massive! The mighty Darren Jay and DJ Yomi. Such a unique tune this one - one of the first stripped back rollers. Natural mystic style. 

7. Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Bad Boy
First released in 1991 and again in 1992, this just sounded unlike anything else. Gerald's experimental approach to dance music at this time absolutely opened new ground for the jungle sound. His track Boase Up, also from 1992 was another early junglist test of breaking the 160bpm speed barrier.

8. MC Uproar - Bad Boy
Squeezing this in to the mix without its piano section - killer rattling snares and bassline as we go back-to-back bad-boy/bad-girl in the mix >>>

9. Potential Bad Boy - Bad Girl
Another from Chris McFarlane - couldn't miss this one out. What a bassline.  

10. D-Livin - Why
Total anthem, one of the first tunes that to my ears kinda has that rubadub-meets-soul vibe to it that became such a definitive part of the Jungle formula.

11. Undercover Elephant - Cockney Badboy
Remember hearing this at Orange at the Rocket and a little pocket of cockney badboys broke out into a collective one foot skank circle! The little Don't Stand So Close To Me sample cracks me up to this day - that's how I feel now if someone comes in to my precious dancefloor space lol. All cockney badboys hang on...

12. Progression - On A Rubbish Tip
I heard the title is a joke response to SL2's On a Ragga Tip, which hit the charts in a big way. Absolutely heavyweight white label. Huge respect goes out to Mixmaster Max who I heard play this, and so much jungle of this period. A total pioneer, currently with a new radio show on Sunday nights on Unity DAB.

13. Jazz & Flecks - D! Redlox (Vital Mix)
I think fair to say this is an obscure one - have been hunting it down myself for years after hearing it played by Rusher on Weekend Rush back in 92. Huge thanks to JJ at Rolldabeats for sorting me out.

14. 2 Da Core - Rub a Dub
Personal favourite killer jungle rave energy white label, the other side a cracker too.

15. The Psychopaths - Beats & Culture (Psycho Dub)
Unique sounding tune this, bubbling breakbeat rave meets dub logic in fine fashion. Love this. All the Psychopath's tunes had a better-than-the-original dub version, and they're all worth seeking out. Shout to Defection's Force of One.

16. The Brothers Grimm - Exodus
A massive track from Floyd and Syed of the Production House crew that got a lot of rave play too. Those guys really knew how to put together huge tunes.

17. Alien - Forseeing The Future (Reggae Mix)
Making great use of the sample from Fabian's reggae classic Prophecy, a killer dubwise rave bomb. 

18. Ad break
A little 1992 jungle pirate radio advert!

Junglism Pt.1 - Proto Jungle 1989-1991

Welcome to the first in a series of four mixes tapping into the past and present of the UK Jungle sound. For this first instalment I'm going back to 1989 to touch on the breakbeat-rap foundations upon which the subsequent emergent prototype Jungle sound of 1990 and 1991 was built on. Absolute time of  culture creation.
Look out for Pt 2 1992 selection, Pt 3 will be the golden age of 1993-94, and Pt 4 will take it up the new wave of jungle producers putting out tunes today. Really hope you enjoy the series. 

Junglism Pt.1 - Proto Jungle 1989-1991

 1989 - The Breakbeat Rap Roots 

1. Most Wanted - Calm Down (Instrumental) - 1989

A classic breakbeat rap instrumental that got pitched up and played in house sets by the likes of Fabio and Grooverider. As a nod to the era I've doubled and cut this one up a bit - if I could scratch I'd have scratched on it too! Hip-Hop DJ skills crossed over with dance djing in these days in a way that has sadly been lost.

2. Success-N-Effect - Roll it up (Bass Kickin Beats) - 1989

Another hot US breakbeat-instrumental import. Frankie Bones tells this story:  "December 13th 1989 ... Carl Cox had us over his house to show us his new recording studio. Lenny Dee & I had got Carl a copy of Success-N-Effect on 12" which by that point was the most sort after 12" from me caning it every show. Carl was ready to start producing but joked about how he needed to get his head around all the gear he purchased. This is when I told him, "all you got to do is take this record, Success-N-Effect, ride a couple of new sounds over it and press white labels! Stamp your name on it." That tune become Carl's 1990 rave classic Let The Bass Kick.

3. Public Enemy - Welcome To The Terrordome (Terrormental) - 1989

The musical influence of Public Enemy cannot be understated, particularly the production skills of Hank Shocklee and the Bomb Squad. The two LPs Nation of Millions and Fear of a Black Planet contain probably the most innovative, militant, firing, breakbeat-centred use of a sampler up to that point. Public Enemy tracks themselves were endlessly resampled by UK producers too. This instrumental a classic example of the power of the Bomb Squad.

4. Silver Bullet - Bring Forth The Guillotine [DJ Beats Mix] - 1989

The 80s explosion in US rap inspired many a UK act, who often gravitated to rhyming over a faster beat than US artists. There's a parallel here with the UK fast-chat dancehall style of the likes of Tippa Irie, Daddy Freddy and Smiley Culture - itself another big influence on Jungle. Silver Bullet was one of the best of the UK fast-rap acts, and this track along with 20 Seconds To Comply made its way into many dance sets, played here in the instrumental cut.

1990 - Into The Proto Jungle 

5. Rebel MC and Tenor Fly  Comin' On Strong (Ruff Neck Mix) - 1990

For my money this might just be the most complete, first ever jungle tune. Up to '89 Michael West aka Rebel MC was finding his sound in a more straight rap fashion, but in 1990 he pushed the boundaries that much further and created some crucial foundational jungle sounding tunes, first with this cut and then the all mighty Wickedest Sound, followed in '91 with the anthemic breakbeat rave reworking of Barrington Levy's Here I Come as Tribal Base.

This ingenuity didn't come out of nowhere - I've uploaded here a clip of stalwart rave deejay Billy Daniel Bunter introducing a clip from an 1987 Acton All-Dayer party hosted by Rebel MC in which both Rebel and the mighty DJ Ron (who would go on by 1994 to claim the title of Jungle Don) were bringing together the cultures of US breakbeat rap, electronic dance music and Jamaican dancehall live on stage and in the mix. Amazing historical clip - do give it a listen.

6. Language - Renegade (The Cryptic Mix) - 1990

A killer slice of underground bleepy breakbeat dance with a touch of ragga from Mark Simon, who would go on to produce the classic 1992 anthem Just 4 U London and personal favourites Eyes On The Horizon and The Strength.

7. Satin Storm - Satin Storm - 1990

Not really words to say how much this track meant back in the day, played this on a loop. Clearly drawing on dub for the bassline, and cleverly using the riff from The Revolutionaries classic Kunte Kinte, but bringing a whole lot more depth and magic beyond that. A true classic, and check also the track Can't Take No More from the same EP for another slice of raw proto-jungle. Salute Satin Storm.

8. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon - 1990

Although not really involved with, or even making music for the rave scene, this classic dubby track from MBM was one that smashed the dancefloors in the UK, from illegal raves to the Hacienda, the echoing drums kind of capturing the rattle and reverb of a warehouse.

9. Energize - Like Dis (Full Dread Mix) - 1990

A killer slice of breakbeat house with a dancehall flavour from the legendary Dave Lee aka Joey Negro, who has gone on to be such a key figure in the worlds of house and disco to this day. Top tune.

10 . 4 Hero - The Scorcher (Dance Mix) - 1990

4 Hero are in my opinion unsung heroes of British music, never mind just the rave scene. Total pioneers, and their label Reinforced pivotal for developing and pushing the limits of hardcore, jungle and DnB. And whilst this track is kinda bleepy, it slams with that jungle drum energy. Powerful on a system. 4 Hero also went on to smash the jungle sound under their Tom & Jerry alias. Crucial on every level.

1991 - Call It Jungle

11. V 4 Visions - Joy In The Jungle - 1991/1992

A personal favourite release on a white label EP called Jungle Bizznizz - raw production on this but a brilliant feel. By the end of 1991 the word Jungle was definitely being directly associated with this UK breakbeat rave sound. Worth checking the whole 4 track EP, Return of the Funki Dreads another proto-jungle nugget favourite of mine, with more of a house feel.

12. Dee Pattern - Who's The Bad Man (Sound System Mix) - 1991

Such an iconic and powerful track. One thing of interest to say about it is that not only is it one of the original proto jungle tracks, but the opening 24 bars are as far as I'm aware the first programming of a UKG/Funky drum pattern! Pure innovation.

13. G Double E - Fire When Ready - 1991

Brilliant slice of jump up b-boy proto jungle this. Involved in this track's production is Kris Ogden who was also pushing boundaries as part of Genaside II, whose proto cuts Sirens Of Acre Lane (1990) and Narra Mine (1991) could so easily have been included in this mix.

13. Demon Boyz - Dett (Speaker Feeder Mix) - 1992

Cheekly skipping up to 1992 for this one, but its got that 1991 energy and template. Demon Boyz bringing together fast-rap and fast-chat in a UK slang over a Rebel MC production. On the flip is an instrumental proto rave monster, Jungle Dett (Hardcore House Mix), but I wanted to feature the vocals on this mix as MC crews like Demon Boyz don't get the recognition in the UK rap world that led on to jungle MCing, and now to chart topping grime acts.

14. MI7 - Rockin' Down The House - 1991

A massive hit of a tune this one, anthem status, and has a crossover appeal that kind of pre-empts SL2's 1992 charting hits Way in My Brain and On A Ragga Tip.

15. Ragga Twins - Spliffhead - 1991

"Reggae beat taking over"....The mighty Spliffhead. PJ and Smiley aka Shut Up and Dance on production, two guys utterly pivotal in the formation of jungle, firmly fusing their earlier breakbeat rap production sensibilities into the new proto jungle sound, and bringing in fellow Hackney MCs Ragga Twins into the fold, who in turn helped bring in other dancehall soundsystem MCs over to the rave scene.

16. Code 0171 -  A London Sumtin' - 1991/1992

Released on 4 Hero's Reinforced, can't express how much i loved and still love this one. Pure London Jungle attitude. Also on the flip is a secret B2 favourite Stand Together Yo Breakthrough Instrumental. Co-producer Biz can today be caught today on Nuwave Radio as part of the Cyberworks pair with Denz, playing broken beat, hip-hop, jazz, house and techno and the like, Reinforced fashion. Official release date on this is 1992 but have heard a tape of this being played at the very end of 1991 so presume it was ready then.

17. Lennie De Ice - We Are I.E. - 1991

Total classic. Lennie associated with the De Underground record shop crew of Forest Gate in East London - Mike, DJ Randall, Cool Hand Flex, Uncle 22, and MC Fats, who collectively did so much to carve out the jungle sound over the following years. 

Download link

Spring Sun Soul X: Cosmic-High House & Techno Selection

This is the decennial Sun Spring Soul mix! For the last ten years running, around this time of the year I've been putting together a mix of music to celebrate the turning of the seasons. Tapping into the spirit of spring rebirth feels all the more important this year... fuck covid. Big love to everyone affected - wishing you and yours good health at the soonest.

For this edition I've gone in the mix and dug out some cosmic-high, soul-vision house and techno. Really hope you enjoy - definite goosebumps for me whilst playing some of these. Positive energy all the way. Mixing up the newer with some classic golden era selections - music from the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. As ever with the Spring Sun Soul mixes, for maximum enjoyment play with windows open and the sun shining...
Wishing everyone a good year this year. Love one and all.

Previous nine <Sun Spring Soul mixes here>

Spring Sun Soul X: Cosmic High House & Techno Selection

Darren Abrams - Loose Piano (2002)
Jeff Mills - Pacific State of Mind (2000)
Ludwig AF Rohrscheid - Xenon (2018)
Norm Tally - Change: Mike Huckabee Remix (2007)
Elkka - Every Body Is Welcome (2019)
Pepe Bradock - CU@ Minna & Lafayette (2009)
Andrew Soul - From The Early Days of House (2017)
Ace The Space - Your Special Attraction (1992)
Language - Renegade: The Guarana Mix (1990)
Lupe - Roots: Chrissy Remix (2020)
Cosmin TRG - Terminus Abrupt: Legowelt Remix (2013)
Problem House - The Party Zone (1991)
No Smoke - Oh Yes: Freedom (1990)
New Age Dance - Distant Drums (1990)
The Beloved - The Sun Rising: Mark Pritchard's Deep House Mix (1997)

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YesYesTV - Weekly Shows and Archive

YesYesTV is our new live streaming DJ channel. At this moment we're doing two weekly shows - 5 hours of mixes a week!

On the Dance With Power show I play the best in DnB, Jungle, Hardcore, Techno, All flavours of House Music, Roots Rock Reggae, and Stepping Dub. Streams every Wednesday 9-11pm GMT


Then on Sundays 4-7pm GMT join us for the Nice and Easy show, with me Mikus joined by Rutita playing some cool out Sunday selection: Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco, Rocksteady, Reggae and a whole lot more.


The best thing about streaming live is interaction, so do please log in and send a message in the chat boxes.

To tune in live go to YesYesTV: and also streaming at

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As much as possible I'll be archiving the shows here on the blog, with YouTube, Mixcloud and Download links. Check the YesYesTV Archive page linked at the top of the page.

If at all possible video from the sets will remain archived on Youtube, but some shows get blocked because of audio copyright. In those cases I hope to at least have the audio available for download and also on Mixcloud.

Hope you can tune in!

Dancing in the Dark: 1990 House & Techno

Visiting the year 1990 on this one, and getting kind of dark with it. It may have just been the second summer of love in 1989, but aside from all the uplifting tunes and general spirit of the day there was a moodier and tougher underground sound brewing. This wasn't without controversy - I remember hearing a story that Joey Beltram basically got kicked off the NY DJ circuit around the time of releasing his tune Joey's Riot for playing too dark! Found his home in Belgium with R&S Records instead. That said, quite a few NY tunes represented here, so he wasn't the only one....

This mix very much moving between the cross-fertilising holy trinity of the USA, the UK, and the Belgian/Dutch badlands. Worth going over the providence of the tracks featured here I think.

Kicking off in Belgium with a euro classic by ex-soldier Lhasa. Can't Stop a NY classic, followed by a wonderful dusty early Carl Craig tune released under the BFC alias, my favourite of his early productions. From Detroit we go back to NY on the mighty Nu Groove label with Major Problems, followed by a very early Kenny Dope cut, as House Syndicate. One more NY tune next, a classic from Frankie Bones and Tommy Musto, followed by a wicked hypnotising cut from Detroit, In Synch.

Moving on to two from one of the founders of this sound, NY's Joey Beltram; Subsonic Trance came out in Belgium on R&S, Joey's Riot in the US under the Mental Mayhem pseudonym. Staying in NY for Searchin, followed by such a class tune by house music originator Nitro Deluxe out of Philly, bringing a touch of breakbeats in to the mix. Just read that Young Skretching, the man behind Nitro Deluxe, played with Sun Ra for a spell!

Keeping the breakbeat feel flowing for the last few, Hey Hey Hey a raw tune by Amsterdam's Orlando Voorn, followed by a stone cold UK classic, The Gonzo. Flipping back to NY for the Leon Lee Special which layers up the riff from E2-E4 with a break and a massive 808 kick. Two tunes next co-produced by the mighty DJ Hype, such a key figure in creating and promoting a London breakbeat dance sound. Legendary deejay but underrated as a producer I think. Finishing on another London classic, Dave Angel's bootleg reworking of Sweet Dreams, the tune that launched his career.

Big dedication on this goes out to Dusty and Robin, to Handy who I know loves this era, and eternal thanks to Fabrok for introducing me to some of these tunes at the time.

If you enjoyed this check out my Warehouse Nation mix and also 1991 Hardcore Techno Biz mix, for a similar range of cuts from around this golden era.

Dancing in the Dark: 1990 House & Techno

Lhasa - The Attic 
Plez - Can't Stop (DMR Zone Mix)
BFC - Galaxy
Major Problems - Overdose (The Final Trip)
House Syndicate - Jam The Mace
Musto & Bones  - This Will Be Mine
Fade To Black - In Synch
Joey Beltram - Subsonic Trance
Mental Mayhem - Joey's Riot
33 1/3 Queen - Searchin
Nitro Deluxe Ft. Silk - Hypno House (Hypno Dub)
Frequency - Hey, Hey, Hey (Panic Mix)
Lost - The Gonzo
Shadows J - Hip This House (The Leon Lee Special)
The Scientist - The Bee
Kicksquad - Soundclash (Champion Sound, Hyper Mix)
Dave Angel - Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix)

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Fight The Power Funk Mixtape

I was invited to do a 30 minute funk mix for Mike Walkden's Chrome Funk & Soul Show on Future Radio, and this is it! - a selection of cuts dealing with struggle, rebellion and revolution. The music here may be some 50 years old but its still as relevant, as moving, as kicking as ever...the fight continues....

Fight The Power Funk Mixtape 

> Chuck D <
 Isley Brothers - Fight The Power 
> Ernie Isley <
The JBs - The Grunt  
> James Brown and Bobby Byrd <
Sir Joe Quarterman  -  So Much Trouble In My Mind
> Jesse Jackson <
Stovall Sisters - Hang On In There 
> Malcolm X <
Mark Dimmond - A Change Had Better Come
Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters - Hard Times
Bobby Byrd - Hang Ups We Don't Need 
Johnny King & The Fatback Band -  Peace Love Not War (K Dope Edit)
> Martin Luther King Jr <
Sandi And Matues - The World 
> Malcolm X <
Mop Mop feat. Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph - Run Around 

Download link

Spring Sun Soul IX - Love To The World Lockdown Edition

A Spring Sun Soul mix, back for whats now the ninth year. Previous Spring Sun Soul mixes >>here<<. Such unusual times: pandemic sweeping the globe, capitalism wobbling, health and financial worries....and still the world keeps turning and the seasons changing. New life springs eternal.  So here's some soulful soundtrack for the season and the struggle ahead. A cross-the-genres selection: music from the US, UK, JA, Mali, Norway, Germany, and Hungary.

Kicking off with a wonderful rework of the L.T.D. disco-soul classic, possibly even improving on the original I feel, followed by a great new talent out of South London, pianist Ashley Henry reworking the NAS hip-hop classic which itself is based on a sampled vamp from pianist Ahmad Jamal. Staying on the jazz piano vibe, this time out of Louisiana with another great cover, this one of Roy Hargrove's beautiful Soulful.

Keeping it soul-powered next with a stirring version of the Donnie Hathaway liberation anthem, which features Thundercat and Flying Lotus in amongst the big band lineup. More stay-strong lyrics next, a real personal favourite inspirational cut from Yamie Bolo, before switching into sweet afrohouse gear featuring Malian Adama Coulibali on vocals.

Kick drums pump on in a dream house style with Telephones transmitting from the Norwegian woods, followed by the power house combination of Ian Pooley and Jazzanova embracing the changes, on into some ambient hardcore magic, before finishing on a vintage piece of sun-blessed jungle juice. Love and strength to all.

Spring Sun Soul - Love To The World Edition

L.T.D. - Love To The World (Joey Negro Mizell Magic Mix)
Ashley Henry - The World Is Yours
John Batiste - Soulful
Miguel Atwood Ferguson Ensemble feat Bilal - Someday We'll All Be Free 
Yamie Bolo - One Has To Be Real Strong
Zepherin Saint - Canima
Telephone - See Hex & Moon
Ian Pooley - What's Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber)
Gnork - Blorp 93
Ils & Solo - Sweet Sunshine