1993 Deep Dark Dirty DnB - 30th Anniversary Mix

1993 was a unique year in dance music, an unforgettable one for me personally, and I think one of the high water marks of British electronic music. 

New York and London were power houses. On the US east coast you had crew 'hardcore' rap blowing up (Leaders of the New School, Wu Tang, Lords of the Underground etc), whilst on the house scene there were the first tunes with a clear garage shuffle (Todd Edwards, Masters At Work, Swing 52 etc), which would go on to seed the UKG sound a couple of years later.

In Britain the full-throttle-techno scene was booming with the infamous Club UK opening in London and Spiral Tribe doing illegal acid techno damage, ambient techno hit a new gear with classic releases from Aphex Twin, B12, Black Dog etc, but for me the most exciting music came out of the breakbeat rave scene, with a new wave of innovations that took things faster, wilder, and off in new directions. By the middle of 1992 the average rave track had zoomed away from house grooves to around 140bpm, but by the end of 1993 160bpm had become the new standard.

And within that new tempo bracket a slew of sub genres were born. There were tunes that kept with the rave stab and piano feels of 1992, but also deeper, so-called intelligent rollers most associated with Bukem and his Good Looking label, stompier jungle techno cuts championed by the likes of Tango & Ratty, the first classic no-longer-proto jungle tunes, happy hardcore was in its infancy, and above all there was a huge amount of darkcore tunes, squeezing bizarre new sounds out of the available technology. Whilst it was not uncommon to hear tunes from all of the above on a night out or played together on pirate radio in my experience the dominant sound were tunes that lent towards the deep the dark and the dirty.

It has to be said that a lot of people bailed out of the rave scene at this point, due to the darker turn in vibe and direction. One reason for the change in mood that doesn't get talked about much was a change in drug use. The pure loved-up empathy inducing MDMA of the second summer of love was replaced by "pills", which could have all manner of drugs within them. One infamous and common batch in 1993 was the Snowball. Supposedly these weren't MDMA but MDA - a very different, more psychedelic thing it turns out. 

I read once that the source of these snowballs came from a government laboratory in Latvia. After splitting from the Soviet Union, Latvia needed Western currency and had the advantage of no drug laws, so they joined up with a German businessman to produce MDA for export as Ecstasy. This went well for a couple of years until a consignment of 10 million tablets was intercepted in Frankfurt airport, since when MDA has been rare. This along with increased use of coke and crack must surely have had a partial effect on the sound, leading to a new intensity and I would go as far as to say profundity....some serious tunes in 93!

So yeah, the mix here focusses on some personal favourites in that deep dark and dirty vein - these are the kind of tunes that spring to mind when I think of 93....sounds like had never been heard before, nasty drum programming and a mystical ruff ride down long dark tunnels and occasionally back out into the light. 

I love 93 to bits so I really wanted to get this mix just right and ended up putting several weeks into this, tweaking the track selection and order, working out double breakdowns and double drops and practising the long mixes...hope you enjoy it. Big dedication to everyone who likes it dark and to all the 93 heads, 30 years on and still rolling... x 

1993 Deep Dark Dirty DnB - 30th Anniversary Mix

Potential Bad Boy - Work The Box
Ment 4 Bass - You Don't Know
On Remand - Blacksteel
The Anthill Mob - Black Rushin'
Studio Pressure - Jump MkII
Bizzy B - Ecstasy Is A Science
Acro - Superpod
DJ Rap & Aston - Jeopardy (DJ Spice Mix)
DJ Crystl - Warp Drive
Johnny Jungle - Flammable (DJ Hype Remix)
Lemon D - Something I Feel
Static Substance - Ghetto People
Jim Polo - Heavyweight
Ravemaster Vibes & Wishdokta - Freeaneazy
Under Graduates - Into Da Future (Massive Mix)
D.O.P.E. - When I Was Young (DJ Easy B & T-Bags Revisited Mix)
Original DJ Vibes - All Crew
Hopa & Bay B Kane - Hoppa
DJ Trace & Ed Rush - Clean Gun
The Bombsquad - Freebase
Naughty Naughty - Untitled B

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Jah Shaka Music - Tribute To The Zulu Warrior

Jah Shaka has died and I find it hard to not feel resentment to the way that his life and legacy has barely warranted a mention in the UK mainstream media. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but what with there being a current mood of recognising the importance of black history and culture amongst institutions who previously didn't, at least on that level I'd expect more interest. For Shaka is a huge figure in not just roots reggae, not just soundsystem culture, not just British music, but music and culture globally. The extent of his influence is perhaps not fully recognised. 

1980s Jamaica gradually saw a shift in the dominant musical message, moving on from a sacred Rasta driven message to the more profane dancehall sound. But here in the grey and politically tense London streets of the 1980s Shaka not only kept alive that message but reinvented it into a more militant sound, creating a template which would lead to a wave of new UK dub producers in the 1990s, and in turn inspire producers around the world from 2000s onwards.

There were many other soundsystems in the UK at the time but through his works I would say Shaka more than any other solidified a pure, forward stepping, uncorruptible musical attitude, a bedrock of so much music that followed. Shaka elevated soundsystem culture to the highest of heights. He is a shining example of how a great DJ isn't just blankly playing other peoples records but can make those tunes their own, and can make the playing of records equal to playing an instrument.

He schooled and inspired a generation. He united a multi-ethnic audience under an uncompromising universal Rasta message. He walked the narrow path without ever faltering, with no commercial compromise, guided purely by an unshakeable spiritual sense of justice and righteousness.

Shaka's selection is a genre of its own, many an obscure tune can be filed as a 'Shaka Killer'. But Shaka was also a producer, and his label Jah Shaka Music a crucial home for his unique UK roots sound. For this tribute mix I'm playing some favourites released on the Jah Shaka Music label, 80s, 90s, and 00s. The majority feature Shaka as producer and sometimes vocalist, though there are also some tunes here produced by Shaka's son Young Warrior, Mad Professor, and others. Am playing these tunes live here in a soundsystem style... Love to all Shakaites.... Jah Shaka never to be forgotten, message will live forever...Journey on...

Jah Shaka Music - Tribute To The Zulu Warrior

Jah Shaka - Conquering Lion
Jah Shaka with Addis Ababa Crew - Chains Broken
 Pepper - I've Got a Joy
Rasheda - Psalm 61 (Hear My Cry)
Jah Shaka & Mad Professor - Verse 1
Norman Grant - Jungle
Jah Shaka - Jungle Dub
Jah Shaka - Lion Youth
Jah Shaka & Mad Professor - Beyond The Realm 
Still Cool - To Be Poor Is A Crime
Jah Shaka - My God Version
Jah Shaka - Revelation 18 (LP Vocal)
Jah Shaka - Revelation 18 (12inch Horns Section)
Jah Shaka - Rasta Dah Yah (Version)
Sharon Little - Don't Mash Up Creation
Vivian Jones - Roots Rock Vibes
Johnny Clarke - Blood Dunza
Dread & Fred - Warriors Stance
Dread & Fred - Warriors Advance
Sister Beloved - Freedom Of The Land
Lexxy - Lead Me To The Rock
Young Warrior - Lead Me To The Dub
Max Romeo - Rich People
Jah Shaka, Soljie & Paul Music Works - Rich People Dub
Roger Robin - Journey On
Jah Shaka & Gussie P - Journey On Dub

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Tuff Garage Set - Live at Southside Sessions

This is a recording of me playing the final set at the xmas Southside Session at the Fox in Lewisham. The recorded audio was coming straight from the mixer so is without the vocals of the mighty MC Profit who was on the mic for this. A whole bunch of recordings (including download links) from the night are now up on the Southside Sessions Youtube channel - do check them out and subscribe as there'll be more recordings going up there in the future.

Was a great night, pure vibes. Here I'm playing mainly nuskool tracks with a couple of older nuggets in there for good measure. Big tunes guaranteed. You can check my set out on Youtube:

On Mixcloud

Or can download it as a 320mp3 by clicking right here.

Things are going really nicely with the Southside Sessions crew, lots of things lined up for the year ahead, next up, big big line up for the March session with headliners Jeremy Sylvester and Benny Ill no less. That's going to be a heavy one. Hope you can join us! Get your tickets here.

Robert Owens: A Tribute to The Voice of House Music

Paying tribute to vocalist Robert Owens - for me The Voice of house music. He's been doing it since day one, setting the mood and message to so many foundational records, and blessing productions of different styles to this day. 

From the start House music has always been euphoric but it is also the sound of struggle...the pain of the black, and gay,  US experience is often right there in many of those early Chicago house records, and Robert Owens voice and lyrics capture it like no one else....hurt, love, liberation, pain, ecstasy. 

In this mix I've concentrated more on the modern productions that he sings on. The classic records with Larry Heard are well known, but if you are new to him and don't know them then do get hold of the 1988 album Another Side < an all time classic. Kicking off this mix with the first Fingers Inc release from 1986.

His legacy runs deep and it seemed right to run out the mix with a few of the great UK Drum & Bass records he's vocalled on. Also look out for a little dubplate special in there, a cover of Larry Heard's Can U Feel It from my man Fez, with additional production touches from me. 

Last summer me and the Shack crew had the best of times DJing down at Mucky Weekender...a top festival with some fantastic acts on the bill. Closing the weekend out was Robert, djing and singing live. Such a moving experience being in his presence - his wonderful voice still reaching those spots others don't. Total legend. Big loving dedication on this to RMVT xx

Robert Owens: A Tribute to The Voice of House Music

Fingers Inc. - Bring Down The Walls
David Morales - I'll Be Your Friend (Original Def Mix)
Fez - Can U Feel It (Mikus Rejig) 
Harry Romero - I Go Back
Felix Dickinson - A Day's Reality (Classic Mix)

Hugo Barritt - You Are
Riva Starr - Searchin'
Gene Hunt - Twilite People (Kenny Dope Remix)
Queer On Acid - Take Me (MASC Mix)
Roy Davis Jr - Slide (Groovecreator Throwback Remix)
Paolo Rocco - Ever So

Atjazz - I Know Now

~dnb connection~
London Elektricity - My Dream (Searching Dub)
Icicle - Redemption (Alix Perez Remix)
D* Minds x Bladerunner - Deep Inside
MISTiCAL - Believe

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Behold The Spear! Burning Spear Classics, Versions, Rarities and Dubplates

Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear is coming to play two dates in the UK this summer; the last time he played here was over twenty years ago, and having announced his retirement some years back its fair to say there's real excitement building ahead of these upcoming shows. In anticipation this seemed like the perfect time to put together this mix of some of my favourite Spear cuts, including a few version excursions, rarities and unreleased dubplate mixes.

Although I've long loved Burning Spear material it was only when I got a better understanding of Jamaican music in chronological order that I came to recognise just how original and groundbreaking his material was. My impression is that the early recordings that came out on Studio One perhaps more than anyone else at the time created a blueprint for the Rasta-driven, conscious roots reggae sound that was to come and take over the world. These cuts just seem on another spiritual level to other music that came out at that time. 

What came next was higher-level yet - the 1975 Marcus Garvey album produced by Jack Ruby, is a start-to-finish roots classic. This was snapped up and remixed by UK's Island Records, which with Island's distribution power allowed for the music to reach a wider audience and cement his legendary legacy on the global stage. Not many people outside of JA have heard that original Jack Ruby non-Island recording, as the vinyl is rare and no quality reissue (CD or otherwise) has been released - it is also stringently copyright-blocked online. Hopefully one day that will be reissued with the care it deserves.

For me perhaps more than any other singer Burning Spear captures in his voice, lyrics and writing that true humble lion power: strength, humbleness, love and Rasta consciousness in perfect combination. He had the grounding spirit of an elder even at a young age.The spear burns on and on...

1969-1974 Studio One Foundations
 Zion Higher
We Are Free
Ethiopians Live It Out
Get Ready
Foggy Road
Pablove Black - High Locks
Joe Frazier (He Prayed)
Righteous Flames - Solid Foundation
Swell Headed
Chronixx - World Under Siege
Pablove Black - Push Pull

1975-1978 Roots Heights
Spear Burning
Tradition (Original JA Wolf Version)
Little Joe - Tradition Skank
Old Marcus Garvey JA Dubplate
Jordan River JA Dubplate
Throw Down Your Arms (Spear 7inch Mix)
Respect The Prophet
Big Joe - The Prophet

1978-1995 Forward On
Jah No Dead (Rockers Acapella)
Jah No Dead (12inch Mix)
Jah Is My Driver
Iry Niya Keith
Come (Home)
African Dub

20 Minutes of Hype!! Drum and Bass Bombs

A little 20 minute hype upfront DnB mix incoming!! Bomb after bomb, quick fire, blasting!! Some hype energy to gear up ahead of some upcoming summer parties...and so on that theme taking this post to say you can catch me DJing in the coming weeks at:

Latitude Festival July 21st onwards on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night with the Shack family - house, party classics, DnB, jungle, reggae, vibes.

Our very own Southside Session returns on Friday 29th July to The Fox in Lewisham - house and garage selections alongside Jeremy Sylvester, DJ Fen, Onyx Stone and more. Next Southside Session Saturday 22nd October, plus more dates to come before the year is done!

Mucky Weekender Friday 9th September and Saturday 10th September with the Shack crew - reggae, house and DnB selections. Great festival this - brilliant line up. Mucky!

Oh and if you like a spot of DnB and are in London do check out the return of top night Launch, taking place at Elektrowerkz, Angel Islington, Friday 8th July - will be big, guaranteed, and great to see it back post-pandemic. 

Just Jungle - As We Enter (Remix)
Twisted Individual - Bagoshite (Isaac Maya Remix)
Toxinate - Bumbaclart Wobbles
Trex - Dopamine (VIP)
Pengo & Magenta - Elevate
Andy Slopes and Madcap - Scatter
Uneak - Sound Boy Hear This
Dub Phizix - Slush Puppeh
De-Tune - Vatican Cameo
Taxman - The Fever
Ray Keith - Dark Soldier (Benny L Remix)

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Back To The Future 1992 Rave Mixtape

The UK breakbeat rave sound of 1992 celebrates its 30th anniversary! I'm marking this milestone with a mixtape: in a classic C90 cassette style two sides of 45mins each, taking in the spectrum of sounds of the era. It was a year when tempos raced ever faster and so the theme here is Side A has tunes at the 130-140 bpm mark, and Side B 150+ bpm tunes. Across the two mixes I've tried to touch on a range of the sounds that dominated the raves: some pianos, endless stabs, some vocals, some heavyweight hardcore, some jungle tinges, and towards the end going into the darker moods that would become more dominant in 1993. Some well known cuts and some rarer ones in there too.

I think you'd be hard pressed to pick a more explosive moment in British music history than the raves of 1992. The momentum of electronic dance music was building ever stronger and reached a big bang moment in 1992, rave went from being a more underground and exclusive thing to blowing up across the country - your local leisure centre might have Grooverider playing at it on any given Saturday! 

The melting pot of punters and producers became ever greater, including an influx of urban, suburban and country young guns, and I'd say the musical melting pot became the most eclectic it has ever been in dance music: so many ideas and influences thrown against the sampler wall. And a great moment of grassroots music making too - the whole industry from producers, distro, sellers, radio, events was grown from the bottom up. DIY all the way.

I think the 1992 sound, although so anthemic for those who were there, has now been slightly sidelined as the tunes are a touch out of step with modern sensibilities, modern tastes are a bit leaner and more refined. But that's the joy of 1992 - it was driven by a wide-eyed don't give a fuck and having it attitude that's hard to recreate after the fact.

Really hope you enjoy these two mixes. Big love as always to all my 92 raving gang, also to you and your raving gang, and special dedication to Class of 92 raver Neil DJ Orange Peel - RIP mate, never forgotten. If you want more there are more 1992 mixes on my blog here, here, here, and also this recent 1992 strictly Junglism one.

Back To The Future 1992 Rave Mixtape - Side A: Coming Up 130-140bpm

Virtual Reality - Time 4 Change
Dragonfly - Visions Of Rage
EQ - True Devotion
Dave Charlesworth - Energizer Vol1 B
EOAD - Ecstasy On A Dream
Project One - Smokin Chalice
Desired State - Duckin and Divin
System Exclusive - Fusion
Bass Ballistics - Smoke Dis One
Code 071 - Bassline Dub
Flex and Uncle - Red Black 4
The Charm - Dementation
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Never Try The Hippodrome
DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Rough Beats Producing Bass
Dj Splix - Nasty Rhythm (Nasty Rhythm Mix)
Krome + Time - This Sound Is For The Underground (E.5 Remix)

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Back To The Future 1992 Rave Mixtape - Side B: Rush Hour 150+bpm

Jill Jones Intro
Acen - Obsessed
Metal Heads - Knowledge
Tom & Jerry - The One Reason
Andy C - Mind Rise
The House Crew - We Are Hardcore (Magic Fantasy Mix)
Carl De Junglist - Sundown
Noise Factory - My Mind
DJ Clarkee - Have A Good Time
MC Jay J & Devious D - Drive Ya Crazy
Nasty Habits - Lets Go (Cold Remix)
Bay B Kane - Theme Spirit
Scott & Keith - Get Busy Cru
Wax Doctor - New Direction
Sound Corp - Security Overload
DJ Genisis & Kenny X - Wheel The Bass
Ellis Dee - Dance Factor
Tango & Ratty - Final Conflict
Chaos & Julia Set - Atmosphere (Sub-Base Field Mix)

Southside Sessions: Bumping House & Jumping Garage

Along with a couple of friends we're starting up a new series of club nights in my patch of South London - calling these nights the Southside Sessions. The launch is a night of Garage, House and 2 Step at the Fox & Firkin in Lewisham. Hopefully that will become a regular jam, already plans afoot for a summer session with Jeremy Sylvester headlining, and we've plans to a get a Jungle & DnB night up and running at a different venue too.

So to celebrate the launch here's a promo mix of bumping and jumping house, classic uk garage, and some other boundary pushing shuffles - aiming to capture some of the range of music you might hear at the night.

Kicking off with a couple of 1993 foundational US garage tunes, moving on to a couple of later 90s bombs before rolling through some of the range of modern garage influenced tunes out there in recent times.

Link for tickets
Keep in touch on social media channels:

Southside Sessions: Bumping House & Jumping Garage

D Tune - Just An Organ (1993)
The Messenger - Guide My Soul (1993)
Sounds of Blackness - The Pressure (Booker T Lick) (1997)
RIP Productions - Work It (1996)
Johan S - Bogus (2019)
Soledrifter - I Said (SE Studios & Steve Seck Ruff Dub) (2020)
D Base - Base Theory (2000)
Jay Funk - Shout It Out (Statix Mix) (2021)
Stones Taro - Again (2021)
Marc Cotterell and Danny J Lewis - Blues For You (Rework) (2019)
Mad Villains, Dantiez - More (2018)
Groove Skool - To A Better Place (Caution's Dub) (2020)
Bailey Ibbs - We Run (2021)
Jeremy Sylvester - Something For Your Mind (2017)
Two Tone Productions - Heavy Like Lead (2021)
Zac Stanton - Reeces Pieces (2021)
DJ Hermit - Blow The Roof Off (2018)
Johan S - Play Me Down (2018)
Billy Butler - 2020 Vision (2021)
Oppidan - Delfino Square (2021) 

Foundational Deep House 1987-1991 vs Fresh Deep House

A double bill of deep house: with a foundational mix from me, and a guest mix of fresh deep house from f3z.

There's so much house music that gets called deep these days, which is fair enough as there's many a way of going in, but this first mix is all about the original incarnation. Tracks full of sweet melancholy, rolling with no rush, drawing on the spirit of street soul and the logic of dub, and providing an emotional core to the endless second summer of love.

Featuring heavily are classic tunes from New York labels like Strictly Rhythm, Fourth Floor, and a big dose of the almighty Burrell Brothers driving the Nu Groove sound. Also touching a couple of Chicago tracks, from godfather of this sound Larry Heard and Robert Owens. A couple of rarer cuts in there too, including a previously unreleased instrumental version of Sha-Lor's 1987 deep anthem I'm In Love. 

New York and Chicago both get some serious snow in winter, and there's something warming and fitting about this sound for the winter months. Larry Heard recalls on making his deep house anthem Can You Feel It "it was in the winter and at that time I was living in this apartment that had these really big windows, kind of a loft place, and I had a view of downtown Chicago and it was snowing. All of my friends that were over that night, they all remember that visual of the snow falling and this music playing." I love to picture that! Here's hoping this mix brightens up these dark months....

Time Out For Loving: Foundational Deep House 1987-1991

Devine Masters - Paradise (Vacuum Mix)
Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out (Club Mix)
N.Y. House'n Authority - APT 3A
Mr Fingers - What About This Love (Extended Mix)
Mr Fingers - What About This Love (Dub Mix)
Aphrodisiac - Song Of The Siren (Black Sea Mix)
Soft House Company - A Little Piano
Scorpio - Shout It
Robert Owens - Visions (Album Version)
The Utopia Project - File #2
No Smoke - Righteous Rule (Vocal)
No Smoke - Righteous Rule (Dub)
Tech Trax Inc - State Of The Art (Unautomated Mix)
Tech Trax Inc - State Of The Art (Automated Mix)
After Hours - Waterfalls (3 A.M. Mix)
Sha-Lor - I'm in Love (Instrumental Version)
Fallout - The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)
Logic - The Final Frontier (Acoustic Mix)
Joey Negro - Do It, Believe It (Jeep Music)
Metro - Brownstone Express

Download link

...and in response to this mix of mine, my good friend f3z has put together a mix of fresh deep house, mainly tunes from the last couple of years or so. f3z is a Leeds-based producer, DJ and club promoter who also occasionally plays alongside the eclectic Downtown Science crew, who play out across Leeds venues and beyond. Big up f3z!! Some other tasty hose and techno mixes on his mixcloud, so check them out.

Deep Winter by f3z

SPCE - Lightness
Dan Piu - A Beautiful Day
Aleqs Notal - Lighten You Up
Satoshi Tomiie - Thursday 2 AM (Ron Trent Remix Dub)
Deenamic - Fears
Baaz - Carbon Hair
Marcellus Pittman - An Afternoon Delight
Glenn Underground - Silent Pimp (Peace in My Place)
Alton Miller - All the Little Things
Chaos in the CBD - Double Dribble
Gerd - Palm Leaves (Mr Fingers Afropsychojungledub Mix)
Patrice Scott - Moments & Concepts
Zepherin Saint - Resurrect My Feelings
Alton Miller - Way of the Drum
GU - Peaceful Rage (Acid Revenge)
Leeon - That Generous Friend

R U Ready 2 Jack? Fresh Acid Bombs

Will be going to the brilliant I Love Acid night at South London's Corsica Studios next week, so to get in the mood have thrown down an hour of some favourite nuskool acid and jacking house dancefloor bombs, all tunes from the last few years, though opening up with a 1988 classic from one of the Chicago founders, the mighty Mike Dunn, still going so strong to this day.

Big dedication on this mix goes out to Uncle B.o.B. who requested it - big up Ryan. Also got to send a shout out to Fez who turned me on to a couple of the tracks and a biiig thank you to the Fishfinger for helping with some technical matters. Also respects to all the I Love Aciders and the Don't headstrong. And last but not least big love to all the crew heading down x. Play it loud..

R U Ready 2 Jack? Fresh Acid Bombs

Mike Dunn - So Let It Be Houze (Original '88 Mix)
Lauren Flax - Work
Posthuman - The Benz
The Organ Grinder - Magic Box
DJ Sneak & Tripmastaz - Concentrate
BAGS Inc - D Question
DJ Haus - Ready 2 Jack (Shadow Child Remix)
Dennis Quin & Edwin Oosterwal - Synth Seller
Dennis Quin - Aciden (Chambray Remix)
Binny - Roll With It
Demiur - How Do I Ask
Aiden Tyrell - Say Wut (909)
Queer On Acid  & Robert Owens - Take Me (MASC Mix)
Gene On Earth - Bionic Beat
Hostage - Ascension
Granary 12 - Way We Do
Paranoid London - Light Tunnel
Outro: Gerd - Planet FDMX (707 Mix)

Junglism Pt.4 - Future Jungle 2017-2021

For the final part of this Jungle mix series I'm playing some of my favourite tracks from recent times. There is definitely a Jungle revival going on - has been bubbling for a while - but I think 2020 could go down as a vintage year and a turning point - seems to be so many good tunes have come out this last year. It would really be great to see more of the longtime DnB producers making some Jungle tunes in the 160+bpm range, and for the scene to have those two gears, of new DnB and new Jungle both going as strong as one another.

Nothing but love and respect to all the producers and labels putting out this music, and promoters putting on the nights. Got to send a big shout out to all the Distant Planet family who have been doing so much in keeping the oldskool vibe alive here in London. 

Really hope you've been enjoying this mix series - if you haven't already, do check out the earlier chapters, Part 1 Proto Jungle 89-91, Part 2 Pirate Jungle 92, Part 3 Golden Jungle 93-95. 

Junglism Pt.4 - Future Jungle 2017-2021

Ark X - X2LV (2019)
Joakuim - Jungle Power (2017)
Specialist X - Mind Signs (2020)
DJ Stretch - Kisses (2020)
Break - Sesame Seeds (2020)
Foul Play  - A.I (The Last Ronin Remix) (2020)
Ricky Force - Real Love (2017)
Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv (2020)
Duburban - Back For More (2021)
Missing & Mr Time - Original 90s (2020)
Keezee & Tim Reaper - The Roughneck Sound (2020)
FFF - Gaze Out (2017)
Shay - Badboy (2020)
Sully - Werk (2020)
Marcus Visionary - Real Warrior (L-Side Remix) (2020)
Decibella - Outta London (2020)
Zere & DJ Hybrid - Inside The Dance (2020)
Enjoy - Sincere Whispering (2020)
Pete Cannon - It’s Like Ecstasy (2020)

Download link

Junglism Pt.3 - Golden Jungle 1993-95

Part 3 of the UK Jungle mix series, this one covering the golden age of 1993-1995, when the jungle sound blew up, where the tempos of 160-170bpm got settled on, and the formulas gelled together into a tradition. That said, the line of 'what is Jungle' is always a blurry one - is a firing ambient amen Bukemesque track from the period Jungle? Or a darkcore roller? For me Yes and No. Genre names are useful but they can also be restrictive, and there are so many different moods and directions you can play a Jungle set from this period (such as this recent mix of mine focussing on loved up jungle).

What I've tried to do here is keep clear of the harder amen rinse outs, and also anything too cosmic or gurn inducing (much as I love all of that!). Going for a more bubbling vibe, with some deeper drum workouts and a couple of rarer ones in there to keep it interesting. 

Next up after this, for the final mix in this series, Part 4, I'll be playing some new tunes that are reviving the jungle tradition in fine style. 

Junglism Pt.3 - Golden Jungle 1993-95

1. Family of Intelligence - Learning From My Brother (1993)
James Stephens, the man involved with those pivotal Noise Factory releases of 1992, here breaking new ground and creating new formulas for the Jungle sound of 1993. Jungle breaks, rare groove samples, dancehall attitude - a template of what was to come, and a step aside from anything too ravey sounding. Released on the mighty Kemet label, such an important camp for out-and-out jungle in 93 and 94. Long mixing this one with:

2. Gappa G and Hypa Hyper - Information Centre (DJ Ron Remix) (1993)
9pm Friday nights there was only one was place to be: locked in to Kool FM for DJ Ron and SL, with MCs 5ive-O and Moose. The definitive jungle radio show of all time in my opinion. Ron not only a visionary DJ, but also a massively talented producer, whose tunes, especially Canaan Land, Mo Musik, Crackman and this one here are I think masterpieces of the genre. Really clever arrangement and elements.

3. Roni Size - Fresh (1993)
1993 was the year Roni Size burst onto the scene, and this one also the first official release on Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan Gee's newly formed V Recordings - the rest is history! Still sounds so fresh this one I think.

4.  White Label  (1993)
Absolutely personal favourite underground white label pressure. Not that its even possible to do this in this day and age, but I'm going to keep the name on this one held back.

5. Code 071 - Ease Up Soundboy (Don Gargon Mix) (1993)
Slightly overlooked release on Reinforced Records I think, with a brilliant dreamlike breakdown in the second half, from the pair that made the classic A London Sumtin.

6. Simon Bassline Smith - Music and Life (1993)
Massive 2-track EP from Simon Smith, another enormous figure still going as strong today as thirty years ago. Both sides of this got caned. All about the power of a bassline this track. Proper vibes, seminal EP. Impossible not to long mix this right up to the breakdown.

7. Potential Bad Boy - 4 The Ladies (1993)
Another mighty release from PBB. I think this possibly one of the first ever tracks to really get that ragga-jungle thing sitting quite so neatly in the drum feel. I'm a sucker for Melody Madness on the A side, but that gets a bit hardcore in places.

8. DJ Solo - Darkage (1993)
I don't know how others see this track but for me this is probably the jungle anthem of 1993. From what I can see its never been licensed to compilations and the like, and maybe that's kept it status slightly more low key, but this was rinsed so hard at the time. Was in two minds whether to include it, as rinsed tunes can only be heard so many times, but personally I never tire of this one. Great fun to mix in and to mix out, begs to get played. All about the bassline. Every day and every night, jungle it.

9. Doc Scott - Far Away (1994)
One of the first releases on Goldie's freshly launched Metalheadz label, from the mighty Doc Scott. At first glance this might seem a mellow ambient tune, but on a system it really packs a punch and the jungle drum feel and bassline really make it come alive. Moving into a deeper section of the mix with this.

10. Smith and Mighty - Come Fly Away (Dub) (1994)
Following the theme of Far Away, flying off dubwise on this one - a unique rubadub sounding tune this I think from Bristol's Smith and Mighty.

11. Timmi Magic - Everything (1994)
Timmi Magic is best known as part of the legendary UK Garage trio Dreem Teem, but in 94 he was producing jungle, and this EP is a personal favourite. I played the other side in my recent Jungle Love mix. A lesser known record, but I think its got something special about it. 

12. The Family Foundation - Express '95 (Steve Gurley Remix) (1995)
A wicked upfull jungle update on a huge tune from 92 from Foul Play's brilliant Steve Gurley.

13. Dillinja - Tear Down (Da Whole Place) (1995)
Had to include a Dillinja tune, such an important figure. This one perhaps a slightly lesser known one I guess, as much as that is possible in such a revered discography. Deep rolling. 

14. Bizzy B - 16 Track Ting  (1995)
Bizzy is a monster and is responsible for some of the wildest tunes to ever come out of the rave scene. By comparison to some of those tunes this one is kind of reigned in but is as powerful a tune of his as any of them. I said in the intro Id hold back from amen rippers in this mix but here's one for good measure. 

15. Noodles & Wonder - Rarities (1995)
Getting to the last quarter, moving into three more soulful jams. Noodles became a big name on the UKG scene as Groove Chronicles, but was also well known for working in a range of record shops around London. This one a spot on rares-to-ragga cut. 

16. Hot Steppers - Vol1 A (1995)
Undercover release from DJ SS, no doubt because of sample clearance issues. I don't care what they say, always had a big soft spot for this.  

17. Dextrous - Moonlight (1995)
Unreleased rare-to-ragga jungle from King of the Jungle Dextrous. Got to send big thanks to Steph for the dubplate hook up - wicked track.

18. Andy C - Roll On (1995)
Finishing on an undisputed classic, Andy C proving that whatever year it is he can create era-defining music.

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