Oi Oi! Music Is Our History EP

A little 4 track EP from me, a bunch of tracks vibing off some 1991 raving memories.
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Prince 17 Days Remixes

Prince's estate are planning to make a number of releases over the coming years from his infamous Vault. Who knows what wonders are in there. I'm hoping for another jazz album, a la Madhouse - 8.

The first release has just come out: Piano & A Microphone 1983. Here are three little remixes I've done of the title track from that, 17 Days, laying down some very Prince-in-the-80s drum machine beats by way of a backing track. Not a massive difference between them, the HEAD MIX is just a little sparser than the NEW POWER MIX and MY BABY's TAMBORINE MIX is an instrumental version. Just in case Prince Estate are reading, this is for strictly non-commercial, pure-love purposes! Please allow it :)

MY BABYS TAMBORINE MIX is currently getting blocked on Soundcloud but you can hopefully play it by clicking here.

After The Riot: Sly Stone Rarities, Productions and Admirers 1973-1982

There are two distinct but both golden ages in Sly Stone's career. First came the straight outa Haight, racism-busting, genre-defying, multi-octave harmony singing, high on hope, Family-Stone-with-the-emphasis-on-Family era of the 1960s. Then in 1970 everything changed: Sly hit the drugs harder, the Family started splitting, the mood became moodier, and the groove got heavier, both in music and in American society more generally. That trajectory through rnb to soul to funk to disco, from new innocence and hope to reality check and struggle wasn't unique.....that was the wider social trend and many artists who had the longevity rode that wave...but Sly didn't just ride it, he innovated it at every stage.

The landmark There's a Riot Going On dropped in 1971 after Sly took a two year break from releasing new music to retreat and reconfigure. In that time he cooked up a unique sound, one that has influenced generations of musicians, including the likes of no less than Prince, D'Angelo, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder.

I think there's a really interesting parallel and overlap with Lee Perry...I'm really curious if there was a conscious influence either way between them...Lee was always a big soul and jazz fan so its not impossible. Both were creating new hazy soundscapes, running the beat box from their organs, blowing smoke at the reel to reel as it turned, and bringing the drum and bass up on the mixer. Worth remembering that Sly is not only a great vocalist, musician, songwriter, arranger, but also a real innovator in production too. Genius basically.

Riot was a commercial and critical success (though it caught a fair few people off guard), but with every subsequent release interest in Sly's music progressively diminished. And while later albums were patchier, there is still a treasure trove of incredible music after Riot - without a doubt some of the best he ever made. This mix picks out not just some favourite moments, but also tries to highlight some lesser known tracks and previously unreleased early versions, many of which only became available much later thanks to CD release bonus tracks and the like.

Demo releases are often best left in the vault but I think the versions here all have their own charm and character, even if they are occasionally a little rough round the edges.  For example the funky off-beat drums on this proto version of Babies Makin Babies gives it a very different feel to the one that made it to official release, but its definitely no weaker a tune. The lack of the iconic De La Soul sampled horns on the version of Crossword Puzzle bring out the violin parts and again give the track a different, almost country, flavour.

It is said that the reworked dubplate mix of Little Sister's You're The One - a track Sly produced and originally released on his own Stone Flower label - literally had one single pressing, originally cut for Tom Moulton, but thankfully it's recently made its way onto a CD release thanks to the perseverance of Danny Krivit to track down the original acetate and lock it down before it got lost to the ether. Its a big disco version for sure.

This selection is also interspersed with a couple of tracks from fellow Californian contemporaries D.J. Rogers and Shuggie Otis, who lovingly captured some of Sly's 70s sound to great effect, and made tunes which sit happily side by side with his own work. Finishing the mix off with a Funkadelic track that Sly sat in on playing keys and adding vocals.....there ended up being a fair bit of crossover between the Family Stone and Funkadelic, with singers from the Family Stone joining the Brides of Funkenstein and Sly often touring alongside George Clinton throughout the 70s.

Photo here comes from this great studio session gallery by Warren Harris.

After The Riot: Sly Stone Rarities, Productions and Admirers 1973-1982

Sly Stone - Say You Will [1974]
Sly Stone - Loose Booty (Alt Version) [1974]
Sly Stone - Remember Who You Are [1979]
DJ Rogers - Its Good To Be Alive [1975]
Sly Stone - Crossword Puzzle (Alt Version) [1976]
Sly Stone - The Same Thing (Original LP Mix)[1979]
Sly Stone - Frisky (Alt Version) [1973]
Shuggie Otis - Sparkle City [1974]
Sly Stone - Babies Makin Babies (Alt Version) [1973]
Sly Stone - We Can Do It [1982]
Sly Stone - I Get High On You (Disco Version) [1979]
Little Sister - You're The One (Dubplate Mix) [1976]
Sly Stone - One Way [1982]
Funkadelic - Funk Gets Stronger (Killer Millimeter Version) [1981]

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Dennis Brown Roots Crown 1977-1985

Serious selection of Dennis Brown in full roots mode, from the heaviest years of 1977 on to 85..incredibly he was only 20 years of age when the two sevens clashed. Arguably his greatest period... Although all the tracks are from 77-85, the Rainbow Country cover is actually from 95 but I really wanted to include it anyhow. If you want More Dennis after this check out this earlier mix I did, with  perhaps some of his better known material. 

Prophet Rides Again 
Jah Can Do It
So Jah Say
Breaking Down The Barriers
Little Village
To Be A Weakman
Fire Singer
Due Season 
Rainbow Country
Bubbling Fountain
Bubbling Fountain - Ray Symbolic Dub Special
Praise Without Raise
A True + Nu True
Why Fools
Blood City

Spring Sun Soul // Balearic House Session

Annual fixture on this blog for many a year now, the Spring Sun Soul mix: music to welcome the return of the sun and celebrate new life. This year I've gone deep in the mix with some bubbling house and garage tunes old and new that capture the spirit...even touching on a couple of bonafide original Balearic anthems from Don Carlos and Neal Howard. The world may be burning but we always need to find joy and inspiration to make it through. Dedicate this one to Rutita and everyone feeling the spirit of new beginnings. Previous Spring Sun Soul mixes here.

Spring Sun Soul // Balearic House Session

Talamanca System - Balanzat 
Art of Tones - Damped 
Dennis Ferrer v Marlon D - The Breeze 
The Return - New Day 
Phaze Dee - Reckless
808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)
Linkwood - Expressions
Don Carlos - Alone (Paradise Version)
Neal Howard - Indulge
Art of Tones - Take Me Higher 
Crackazat - Sundial 
Strip Steve - Dreams Of 
Logic - The Flavor of Love (Wayne's Flavored Love Mix)

1991 Hardcore Techno Bizniz

At this time of the year here in the UK Bangface, the annual 4-day all things hardcore dance festival goes off - and it really does go off!  Great crowd, with big contingents from Ireland, Scotland as well as Belgium and the Netherlands making the journey and really playing a big part in the mix of ravers. Bangface are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year so in that spirit here's a throwdown of some 1991 hardcore in a melting pot style, as it was back in the day, with UK breakbeat, Belgian + Dutch new beat and some US rave in there too. 1991 definitely the birth of a strain of fast and hard electronic dance music...not hyperbole to say that its music that changed the world a bit and without a doubt broke new musical as well as cultural barriers. No messing about, back to back tuff tuff tunes in here. Only for the headstrong ;) Send shouts out to all Bangface crew, Connection crew, Apathy, Danski, Mr Whippy, Fabrok, Handy, Phase 3, Adz, Krink, Steph, Orange Peel, Crumpet and everyone out there who never lost their hardcore. RIP Tango and RIP Marcus Intalex.
(For a more UK hardcore breakbeat ravers 1991 selection check out this old mix of mine: Flashback to 91 - Ravers Selection)

1991 Hardcore Techno Bizniz

E-Dancer - Velocity Funk [USA]
The Break Boys - My House Is Your House [USA]
Lost - The Gonzo [UK]
Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath (LFO Remix) [UK]
Turntable Hype - Turntable Hype (Amsterdam Mix) [Netherlands]
Bazz - House of Pax (Sanchid Mix) [Belgium]
Fierce Ruling Diva - My Name is House [Netherlands]
Chemical Company - Tronic Equator [UK]
Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous v1 [UK]
Code 071 - Stand Together Yo Breakthrough (Instrumental) [UK]
DD Hass - Who's Hous'n [UK]
Indo Tribe - Owl [UK]
Ravebusters - Mitrax [Belgium]
Olympia - Art 3 [Belgium]
Mental Cube - So This Is Love [UK]

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Louie Vega Salute!

Paying respects with this little mix to one of the giants in dance music, someone who could easily claim the title of greatest soulful house producer at work today, Louie Vega. Can't think of anyone who has done as much to raise the standards of musicianship and quality in house music as he. From those massive early cuts with Kenny Dope to more recent collaborations and solo work, this little selection rubs together some of my favourites from across the years. Such a massive body of work to choose from, barely scraping the surface, but here I'm broadly going for more recent favourites first and then rolling out with some of those hugely influential garage dubs from the early 90s.

Special dedication on this one to Felix, celebrating his 9th birthday just now, and who has already got the Masters at Work bug. Big up Felix! Hope you enjoy this. Also big shout to all House FM crew...tip top London pirate station for years. For those who don't know you can catch Louie Vega in the mix every Friday night 9pm on there, amongst a whole host of other great DJs, including the likes of the mighty Josh Milan, who features on several tracks here also. www.housefm.net 

Louie Vega Salute! 

1. Elements of Life feat. Josh Milan -
 Children of the World (Roots Mix) [2013] 

2. Louie & Anane Vega - 
Heaven Knows (Louie Vega Heavenly Instrumental) [2016] 

3. Winans Brothers feat. The Clark Sisters - 
Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) [2015] 

4. Masters At Work  feat. Wunmi - 
Ekabo (Afro House Mix) [2000] 

5. Louie Vega & Josh Milan - 
The World Is A Family (Afrohouse Vamp Dub) [2017] 

6. E.O.L. Soulfrito - 
Upright Love (Louie Vega Lo-Rein Instrumental) [2017] 

7. Steal Vybe feat. Jon Pierce - 
Be Free (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) [2015] 

8. Masters At Work feat. India - 
I Can't Get No Sleep (MK Dub) [1993] 

9. Masters At Work feat. Lonnie Gordon - 
Bad Mood (MK & Masters At Work's Bass Hit) [1993] 

10. Masters At Work  feat. Neneh Cherry - 
Buddy X (Masters At Work Dub No 1) [1992] 

11. Masters At Work  feat. India - 
When You Touch Me (MAW Touch Me Dub) [1993] 

12. River Ocean feat. India - 
Love & Happiness (Yemeya Y Ochun) (12" Club Mix) [1994]

Also good excuse to repost this, stunning extract of Barbara Tucker ad-libing a version of Beautiful People at Roots NYC in early 2015, alongside Louie Vega going in on three decks to create the backing track. Magical stuff.

Jamaican Jazz Journeying - Aketi Ray Inspirations And Connections

For the last few years I've been plugging away on a new musical project which has finally come to fruition in the form of an all-acoustic dub-jazz group called Aketi Ray....double bass, drums, upright piano, horns, percussion, reverb and delay. We play compositions grounded in the instrumental music of  Jamaica - ska, rocksteady, reggae, rockers, dub - but drawing inspiration and influence from Ethiopian and US jazz, west African percussion traditions, all served up with the mind set of UK steppas........Kingston to Chicago to Addis Ababa to Dakar to London. 

After much work in the background we have an album recorded, lined-up and ready to launch in 2018, with a 12 inch release already out and 6-track vinyl-only album sampler dropping November 18th 2017. Check www.aketiray.com for all the details on those.

The mix below is a journey into the music that's influenced the Aketi Ray sound...mainly looking at those moments where Jamaican music and jazz brush up together, as well as a couple of tracks just a step removed, but influential to us. All part of the journey. Oh, and a couple of sneak previews of forthcoming Aketi Ray tracks! Have written a couple of words about each track too.....

(Big up Jazz Meet for sharing this mix on their always excellent podcast)

Jamaican Jazz Journeying // Aketi Ray Inspirations And Connections

1. Tambu - Friendship Group of Trelawny [0.00]
Starting things off with three percussion-heavy tracks, this one coming from deep in the JA countryside, a minute-long early recording of a session played on tambu drums - supposedly unique to the Trelawny area of Jamaica. 

2. Occupation - Cedric Brooks & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari [1.03]
One of the many alumni of the Alpha Boys School, which taught so many of Jamaica best players, Cedric's fusing of jazz and pure Rasta music has little parallel. This cut has him leading on sax over a nyabinghi rhythm.

3. Earth Sound - Ernest Ranglin [3.32]
Ernest's legacy in pushing Jamaican music in all kinds of interesting directions is second-to-none. This recording is less about showing off his great guitar playing as it is exploring what can happen when Jamaican jazz meets Jamaican drumming. 

4. Last Call - Don Drummond [5.59]
Moving into three killer ska tracks back to back, with Don Drummond leading the Skatalites in this classic piece. The Skatalites perhaps more than anyone deserve credit for cementing the role of jazz playing within JA's dancehall music, and then taking that sound worldwide. 

5. Hey Train - Buster All Stars [9.04]
For all the credit that the Skatalites get, Prince Buster's house band were just as firing, with a line-up that included the likes of Ernest Ranglin and Rico Rodriguez. 

6. Cleopatra - Roland Alphonso & The Studio One Orchestra [11.39]
One final golden era ska foot-stomper, Roland Alphonso leading on sax on what you could even call a proto-ethio-skajazz workout, if you really wanted! The Studio One Orchestra effectively the Skatalites without Don Drummond..

7. Barbados - Jazz Jamaica [14.18]
Keeping it ska but bringing it to London three decades later, Jazz Jamaica are a group started in the early 90s by the double-bassist Gary Crosby (who happens to be nephew of Ernest Ranglin), which set out to do big-band style jazz arrangements of ska tunes, as well as ska up some jazz standards. Amazing band to see live if you ever get the chance. This recording features the late great Rico Rodriguez on trumpet. 

8. Regulator {live} - Monty Alexander [18.10]
Kingston-born but US resident pianist Monty Alexander has been mixing up JA and US traditions in jazz for decades. I’ve never had the pleasure to hear him play live, but if this firing recording is anything to go by it sounds like a show not to miss. Bad tune.

9. Many Pauses {live} - Jazz Warriors [22.27]
Jazz Warriors were a London-based group which launched the careers of a generation of young musicians on to the scene - one of which was trumpeter Kevin Robinson, who plays extensively on our Aketi Ray LP. They released just one album, the landmark 1987 live recording Out of Many, One People (Jamaica's national motto). The piece of music included here is just a short extract from a much longer, constantly-changing track, Many Pauses, and features jazz vocalist and occasional D&B MC Cleveland Watkiss on scat parts.

10. This Day – Rico [24.28]
Journeying back to the 70s for three pieces from the roots era, starting with this classic cut from trombonist Rico Rodriquez. Moving to London in the 70s Rico played a big role in building the bridge between JA and UK music, both with his own compositions as well as playing an active part on the 2-tone scene. The album this cut comes from, The Man From Wareika, is a Jazz Reggae cornerstone.

11.Cuts and Bruises - Pablove Black [28.33]
Killer melodica piece from multi-instrumentalist Pablove Black. When it comes to great reggae melodica instrumentals August Pablo surely wears the crown and takes credit for adding the instrument to the reggae canon, but this cut here from Pablove is perfection – hard pressed to think of another time a melodica sounded so good.

12. Return of the Super Ape - Lee Perry [32.00]
In interviews Lee Perry often cites jazz as the music that inspires him the most, and even when his music doesn't have the solos of jazz, it so often has the experimental, rule breaking, attitude. In this cut it does both. Amazing record - pure inspiration into what can be done.

13. The Breadwinner - The Breadwinners [35.31]
As far as I'm concerned there is only one person out there who has carried on the works of Lee Perry at the Black Ark faithfully, and thats Al and the Breadwinners camp out of Manchester, England. I especially love their instrumental tracks, often featuring Sally on all horn and wind parts. Really recommend checking their back catalogue. Sublime.

14. Dub Me Tender - Dub Colossus [37.46]
Keeping it in the UK with Nick Page and his Dub Colossus band, who made a name for themselves for the dub records they recorded in a small flat in Addis Ababa that fused dub traditions with Ethiopian music. This one is a completely stripped-back, drum-free affair, that has a wisp of Ethiopia as well as a touch of US free jazz about it.

15. Ephemeral - Aketi Ray [41.35]
One last one from the UK, this one from us, the opening track from the forthcoming Aketi Ray LP 'From Ever Since'. Dubwise, flying cymbal rhythm, led by the wonderful sax playing of Nico Rouger, and backed by Kevin Robinson on ghost-trumpet!

16. Blood of Africa - Natty Locks & King Tubby [46.04]
Going on into three more sax led cuts here, the first a massive tune to me personally - the opening track from the first dub LP I ever heard, Tubby meets Perry at the Grass Roots. Always takes me back this track...

17. Man A Lion - Disciples Riddim Section meets Digistep [48.41]
Moving to 21st Century London with this great digi cut - modern roots from the UK at its best. Big up Kullar and the Roots Youths crew.

18. Roots Version Wise - Sky Nation [52.10]
Back to 70s JA with this powerful percussion and horn section roots work out.

19. Proverbs Dub - Wareika Hill Sounds [55.36]
Wareika Hill Sounds is a really great modern project, led I gather by Calvin “Bubbles” Cameron of Count Ossie’s Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari and The Light Of Saba fame. All the material they've put out has come out on Honest Jon's label so I expect there's a key London connection to this. Its new music but taps spirits of the past, without feeling in any way dated.

20. Distant Drums Version - Family Man & Knotty Roots [59.15]
Moving into three tracks back to back here with some heavy, conscious vibes, this weighty drum and horns piece is a dub of Vivian Jackson and The Defenders  Love Thy Neighbour, and credited to legendary bass player and co-producer player Aston Barrett.

21. Jah Irror - Jah Bast & The Shades [62.31]
One of my favourite records from recent years, perhaps surprisingly, out of Switzerland - going to show there are no borders in music! Lovely playing on all their cuts, but I particularly like the message on this one (the one vocal track on this mix), and its a message that is shared with the next track.... 

22. Mirror - Aketi Ray [65.44]
The second Aketi Ray track featured, and yeah, like the track before, this ones all about reflection and knowledge of self! This one is coming out on a 12inch on Steppas Records - look out for a video too! Should find it on the Aketi Ray website / youtube.

23. Nuh True - Ernest Ranglin [69.41]
Turning a corner here with a track from an Ernest Ranglin album he recorded in Senegal with Baba Maal's firing band. Its a beautiful record, effortlessly fusing his Jamaican sound with that of these Senegalese greats. Its the use of percussion that's been  particularly influential on the Aketi Ray sound.

24. Né la Thiass - Cheikh Lô [75.52]
While we're in Senegal I need to play one more - 
Cheikh Lô himself fuses music from all over... I find this one particularly beautiful, and can't get enough of the talking drum on this. 

25. Mulatu - Mulatu Astatke [80.37]
The Ethio-jazz sound is a big influence, and Aketi Ray's sax player Nico Rouger plays in two Ethio jazz acts, Addis Quartet and Krar Collective. We've definitely tried to bring some of Mulatu's flavour to the music we're making.

26. Jericho Jazz - Roy Burrowes, Clifford Jordan, Charles Davis [85.34]
Back to JA, and maybe even carrying over a bit of that Ethio flavour, a wonderful jazzed-up version of the classic Studio One Jericho Rock rhythm. The album this comes off, Reggae Au Go Jazz, is a must for you if you've listened this far and liked what you've heard!

27. None A Jah Jah Children No Cry - Dean Fraser [88.36]
Dean Fraser has been flying the reggae jazz flag for decades, and this is taken from a late 90s recording on the short-lived, but quality 
Island Jamaica Jazz label. A wonderful version of the Ras Michael classic Rasta cut None A Jah Jah Children No Cry. Serious music!

28. Call On His Name - Aketi Ray [96.40]
A final Aketi Ray track here, forthcoming on the album 'From Ever Since'. Flute, talking drum and piano in a thankful interaction.

29. Manasseh meets The Equalizer - Looking Glass Dub [100.32]
Wanted to finish off on a Manasseh track. Nick Manasseh's radio shows on Kiss FM in the 90s were absolutely instrumental in opening up the world of Jamaican music to me (and many others!), and he's an excellent producer in his own right too. A big influence in every way.

Marcus Intalex – A Better Place – Tribute & Salute

DnB is a scene that draws on a lot of influences and has people coming at it from different angles. The dancefloor rules though, and it’s always been a case that more upfront tunes dominate. I love a good upfront tune as much as anyone, but DnB has always been deeper to me than just jump up. In the mid 90s the ‘Speed’ sound pushed especially by Fabio and Bukem got more of a platform, but by the late 90s it had been squeezed out again, and Upfront seemed to run everything. Yeah there were still good tunes, but too often the soul and depth was missing.

When Marcus and ST Files started putting tunes out as MIST it breathed new life into DnB for me, at a time when things could feel a little stale. Whether on a melodic soulful tip, or on a moodier techno tip, their tunes always had something to say, and drove the message home over a hypnotic groove that felt like it was drawing on Detroit.

I’m pretty sure I first heard a MIST tune (How You Make Me Feel) on Fabio’s radio show, but then not long after heard Grooverider play Dreamworld, and from then it was all over. And that’s the thing, Marcus has tunes which can sit in sets by any DnB DJ (with any taste!), whatever their style. As far as I'm concerned everything Marcus and St Files touch is gold. If a new Marcus record comes out it was buy on sight – no need to hear it first.

In my opinion no one has put the message into DnB as clearly as Marcus. Real electronic soul music. Like the tune goes: it’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing. His music reaffirmed the family tree connection between DnB and acid house, techno, garage, soul….

I’ve been wanting to do a Marcus Intalex and ST Files mix for years now, and kept putting it off. And  this morning I woke up to hear Marcus has died. It’s a massive shock and a tragic loss. To his friends and family, of course, but to DnB and to music in general. Marcus was young and was still at the top of his game in the music he was making. He smashed it from the off with the early Da Intalex jungle material and outdid himself to the last with the killer flying-high DnB he was putting out today….and clearly there was still so much to come from him, including on his techno alias Trevino. But what he leaves behind is in my opinion the strongest discography in DnB. There isn’t a single 12” of his that isn’t worth having and hearing. Not sure anyone else can claim that. My favourite DnB producer hands down, no hyperbole.

When people talk about the great dance music heritage of Manchester they think of the Hacienda generation. To me Marcus is up there at the top with them.

Salute and rest in Peace – never to be forgotten.

This mix is a tribute of some of my favourite Marcus productions, very broadly in chronological order, and including a couple of rarer remixes from the earlier days, tunes made with ST Files, Calibre and also his solo work. So many other tunes could've gone into this mix – like I said his discography is a treasure chest filled to the brim…but a box now so sadly closed before its time. Normally I take time to plan a studio mix, but this was a throwdown off the top of my head, and when tunes like Celestial Navigation were on the deck, played with a tear in my eye...

Marcus Intalex – A Better Place – Tribute & Salute 

Better Place
Love and Happiness
Lose Control
Warp 1
Second Thoughts
Proof Rock
Red 7
Make a Raise
Step Forward
Celestial Navigation
Bitter End

Have To Work Hard For It! Underground Bass Selection

A little mix of some of my favourite tunes from the UK's 'Bass' scene from the last few years (circa 2013-2017). For those unfamiliar its a sound that mixes up influences from early rave, proto/jungle, DnB, dubstep, garage, dancehall, grime instrumentals, and sits it all over a hype house tempo. Good old fashioned upfront, sweaty, sub-bass rib-cage rattling party vibes. Great fun I think - underground urban UK all the way. Have to salute deejay Marcus Nasty who champions this sound better than anyone.
My mix concentrates on tunes with that jungle/rave/dnb sound, so if thats your thing, try and get into this....

Have To Work Hard For It! Underground Bass Selection

Tchami - Tribute Remix of Rob Base's It Takes 2
AC Slater  - LMLY
Champion - Execution
Andrew Diggs - The Ghost [Rico's Edit]
Jay Robinson - Fury
DevelopMENT - Dem Boy Sound
Gilbino - Space Race
Born Dirty - Check Your Bell
Sunday Roast - Wisdom
Inkline - Carbon Play
Sunday Roast - Radio Who
Rico Tubbs - Iron Heart [Skapes Remix]
Rico Tubbs - Dancehall feat.Ragga Twins [Dub Mix]
Foamo - Wardance
Rico Tubbs - Big Bad Tune
Foor - Double Bass Baby
JG - Cave Explorer
Sunday Roast - Freak
Tchami - Tribute Remix of Marshall Jefferson's Move Your Body

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Aketi Ray: all-acoustic all-live dub-jazz group

AKETI RAY is the name of my new musical project - an all-acoustic all-live dub-jazz group....double bass, drum kit, upright piano, sax, trumpet, percussion, reverb and delay.......we play our own material, coming out of the instrumental music of post-independence Jamaica: ska, rocksteady, reggae, rockers, dub....but drawing inspiration and influence from Ethiopian and US jazz, west African percussion traditions, all with the tuff mind set of UK steppas. Kingston to Chicago to Addis Ababa to Dakar to London.

 There'll be a full album of material released later in the year, but we're kicking off in a special fashion....the first release, 'Mirror' is a 12" featuring two cuts from Aketi Ray and a two-part rework from UK dub stalwarts Alpha & Omega.

Alpha & Omega have been a foundational influence, so it is a massive privilege and honour to share our début pressing with them. The record is out right now on the mighty Steppas Records, and pressed on some heavyweight 180g vinyl. Big respects and thanks to Ben Alpha Steppa for making this happen. To get your copy head to the Steppas Records website, or other dub vendors.


I'll be posting occasional Aketi Ray news here too, but best to follow us over on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/aketiray and on our website here http://www.aketiray.com

Wish us luck! And I hope you like the music.....

Oh and there's a video for 'Mirror', the first release. Check it out below...give it some full screen for full effect..............

Defection 89.4 - Saluting the Pirate Legends

Defection logo with a cheeky use of the DTI logo in it!

I grew up locked to pirate radio - getting out to a rave was a once in a while thing, but radio was there every weekend, Friday through to Sunday night. 1992 was a golden period in London, with a whole host of hardcore jungle stations on the dial, with three in particular leading the way: Weekend Rush 92.3 , Kool 94.5 and the mighty Defection 89.4 - from what I gather all running out of the same corner of Hackney, centred around the Nightingale Estate.

There was something about Defection that, for me, was just that notch above the rest. Serious high quality DJs, always a top selection, good natured uplifting MCing, great little jingles - just a sweet vibe that you can't fake. Defection...the station in the right direction...

I've posted a bit about Defection in the past, but this post here has been triggered thanks to my good friend Steph J digging out a nice little article about Defection from 1992. The article is alright - written by someone outside the scene,  so not really asking the questions I'd ask - but a nice little feature nonetheless. Best of all for me are the pictures! All that time listening to these  tapes (for years after the original broadcast) and having no idea what the studio and djs looked like...till now.

So check below for the scans of the article, and alongside that I'm posting up a few CLASSIC Defection sets - with download links and mixcloud streaming links.

Not sure when Defection stopped broadcasting but if I remember rightly by around1995 the 89.4 frequency had the ground-breaking UKG station London Underground on it. Always wondered if there was a link between them and Defection...

Nothing but love to all Defection crew: Chunks, Miley, Chattabox, Mix Master Max, DJ Wicked, Sonic, Shire, Nitro, Sketch,Wise, Ram, Flight, Nicklebee, King Size, Force of One Crew, not forgetting Kemistry, Storm and all the rest, and extra big shout to Lt Stitch. 0831 323 099....

*If any old Defection crew see this post and can ID who's who in that photo up top, please post in the comments. In fact any other memories / facts / jokes, please post them!*



Mix Master Max Masterclass - 1992
This is my hands down all time favourite pirate radio tape. Massive influence on me. Max was full of tricks: scratches, juggling doubles, and playing dancehall tracks and mixing hardcore tunes over the top - this in particular was a huge influence on me. Most importantly the selection was impeccable and unique. I heard him live once back in the day at Roller Express (Future Myth), and he did all the tricks live too
Download link Side A  ///// Mixcloud Stream Side A
Download link Side B ///// Mixcloud Stream Side B

Lt Stitch + Killer '92 Set + Defection 89.4 // 1993
Recorded in '93, Stitch lovingly tears through his favourite cuts from '92 - goosepimples and smiles guaranteed. Miley alongside.Bad bad set

Dj Wicked + Lt Stitch 
Wicked, aka Evil Ed, another Defection veteran, always fun sets with top notch scratching. Gold.

Feel Free - Killer 1993 Set
Feel Free was such a tight dj - brillinat set building and running mixes long - no quick cut crosses, just building tune on tune. Fantastic 93 set.

Lt Stitch + Full Crew in the Place - 1992
Vibes in the studio with a full house in session and Stitch playing some top tunes