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My dubwise releases so far, put out by the wonderful people at Planet Terror Records, and Terra Incognita Recordings. Lots more productions and projects waiting in the wings. Hope you like them - feel free to download and pass around. 

Mikuś - Dub Mirror (2009)

My first release on net label 'Planet Terror', this five track EP is available to download right now under the Creative Commons License...check it out in its full bass-shaking glory! Eastern-flavoured dub with vintage sounds and a special guest appearance from trumpeter Kevin Robinson (Ray Charles/George Benson/Desmond Decker/Lauryn Hill session player).

[PLANET008] Mikuś - Dub Mirror

1. Under Fire (Dub For Gaza)
2. Dub Mirror (Feat. Kevin Robinson)
3. From Ever Since
4. Brockley Skank
5. Temple Ball

Mikuś - Rain Down Dub (2009)

Here's my second release on net label Planet Terror. Five more tracks of grainy dub goodness. Here's how the folks at PT describe it:

Mikuś returns with his second strong dub release on Planet Terror. Rain Down Dub is another showcase for his inimitable approach to the genre, combining grainy old school distortion with modern production styles. 'Rain Down' features another guest appearance from Kevin Robinson on flute. This is dub for the 21st century.

[PLANET016] Mikuś - Rain Down Dub

1. Sunrise, Nightfall (4:30)
2. Sinai Dub (3:43)
3. Rain Down (feat. Kevin Robinson) (3:19)
4. Belly of the Beast (3:32)
5. Most High Dub (4:08)

Mikuś - Dub Praises (2010)

The third instalment of deep dub goodness from me. You know the drill - serious bass, echoing percussion and stepping rhythms. This release has a spiritual/shamanic thing going on, with an extra dose of Indian flavour on top - hope you like!

[PLANET023] Mikuś - Dub Praises

1. Erthe Dub (3:34)
2. Heart of the Sun (4:29)
3. Wolf Moon (Navam Poya) (7:36)
4. Shiva Dub (3:45)
5. Shiva Aum Dub (3:45)

Mikuś - Brass Islands of Dub (2011)

The first release of mine to come out on netlabel Terra Incognita Recordings. Brass Islands of Dub explores slightly different territory than usual, primarily thanks to the trumpet and flugelhorn talents of Kevin Robinson (Jazz Jamaica All-Stars/Jazz Warrior/Incognito), who features prominently on all the tracks. Kevin’s horn parts bring an additional degree of melody in comparison to other releases, with tracks such as Isla de la Juventud touching on Cuban musical traditions, whilst Highlands pays homage to the golden age of the Jamaican dub era.

Mikuś – Brass Islands of Dub [TERRA02]

1. Heavy Load (5:32)
2. Isla de la Juventud (3:26)
3. Way Things Used To Be (4:25)
4. Highlands (4:56)

Mikuś - Remembrance Dubs  (2011)

The tracks on this EP are an emotional response to a string of deaths of close friends and family. Dedicated to the loving memories of Mirka Gorecka, Alicia Wisdom, Eileen Davies, and all those no longer with us who live on in our hearts.

Mikuś - Remembrance Dubs [PLANET028]

1. Dub for Alicia (4:00)
2. Lament (3:57)
3. Ephemeral Dub (4:33)
4. Tian Tan Dub (3:35)