JA50 Dub Meditations

The celebration of 50 years of Jamaican independence and 50 years of musical innovation concludes with this mix of beautiful, spiritual, meditative, experimental and straight out there productions, from across the eras and across the oceans, with a sprinkling of percussion laid over the top...

Dub Meditations

Wareika Hill Sounds - Coconut Head Version
Badawi - Cyborg Stepper
African Head Charge - Dinosaur's Lament
Jah Bast & The Shades - Jah Irror + Dub
Ras Michael - Where is Your Goldmine
Paul Blackman - Earth Wind and Fire
Messenjah - Thunder Dub
Jah Warrior – Dub From The Heart / Heartical Dub
Nairobi - Storm Dub
Rhythm & Sound – Mash Down (Version)
African Head Charge - Primal One Drop
Mikus - Dub Mirror
Black Uhuru – Apocalypse
The Silvertones - Rejoicing Skank

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