Dillinja - All Praises Due

Paying tribute to Karl Dillinja Francis, a man who sweats drums and bleeds bass. As long as there's been d'n'b Dillinja has rinsed it. The earlier golden era productions are perhaps his most well-known and well-loved, but for me the later, harder, productions - as featured in this mix - are just as worth celebrating (there will be a part two to this, with tracks from the early years to follow...)

He's got a unique, unmistakable production technique, creates unmatched bass and drum sounds, and there always seems to be a hanging sense of blues and depth, even on the most upfront numbers - a dimension sadly missing from most nuskool DnB.

I only ever play my favourite tracks on here, and this mix is no exception, but I'd like to flag up a few of the tunes featured:  the Detroitesque Light Years - a stone cold favourite that came out on Rider's Prototype,  Tronik Funk  - love the slap bass sound on this, the epic cinematic darkness of Silver Blade - a masterpiece in my book, and the almighty throwdown of In The Grind - I can't get enough of that track - absolute filth from start to finish.

Extra special mention for Why, perhaps the lead track from Dillinja's first album, and a tune that really captures how he can bring a sense of seriousness to what's ultimately a jump up tune -deep music - as they say, who feels it knows it - will never forget hearing Why getting dropped at Mass at the launch of his Valve soundsystem. And finally Threshold - the oldest track on here (1996), but sounds as fresh and powerful as ever - classic material . Enough chat - go Dillinja...

Dillinja - All Praises Due

-Leading Hard-
Go Dillinja!
To the One

All Aboard
Light Years

-Funked Up-
D Type
Tronik Funk

-Dark and Heavy-
I Feel
Silver Blade
Hard Noize

-Getting Nasty-
Love is Not a Game Remix
Nasty Ways

-Pushing it to the Threshold-
Gang Bang
In The Grind 

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