London Pirate Radio Tapes - Cache #2

Sharing a second batch of top-notch hardcore jungle pirate radio recordings from the golden days of 1992-94. There's a lot of tapes floating around online these days, some good some bad, but trust me these are all quality.

If you missed the tapes uploaded so far, check the Dusty Tapes tag - some real gems there. All tapes ripped at 320kbps...enjoy


Two from my favourite station Defection. I don't know, there was just a vibe off that station that felt right, especially so in 1992 - Miley on the mic a big factor I reckon. First up Tony T chopping out some firing hardcore,  followed by the scratching upbeat selection of Evil Ed. Evil Ed changed his name to DJ Wicked, and on the second tape he's followed by one of Defection's bedrocks, the mighty Lieutenant Stitch (currently residing in Japan I gather). Just noticed that their logo has a little dig at DTI in it!(Department of Trade and Industry whose job it is to shut down pirates)
Tony T + Evil Ed

Dj Wicked + Lt Stitch Side A

Lt Stitch Side B

Kicking of with Easy D who's joined by the ravers favourite MC Stingray, whose enthusiasm and energy are legendary - he seemed to be in that studio 24/7, and always feeling it. Easy D gets into some of the darkside hardcore tracks around at this time, but played with a Kool FM twist.

Easy D Side A - 1993 

Easy D Side B - 1993 

Two top sessions from one of Kool's absolute finest Feel Free - an excellent dj, brilliant selection, seem to recall he had a slot around 8pm on a Friday evening - the start of many a weekend. Serious 1993 selection, tuff and dark.

Feel Free - Science

Feel Free - June 93 - Side A

Feel Free - June 93 - Side B

For a good while Fabrok and Phaze 3 played on a late Saturday night, Sunday morning, and week in week out destroyed the airwaves in those smoked filled early hours, and played on into the dawn as people were getting in. This one is an absolute bona-fide killer - big tunes, big mixes - pirate radio gets no better, trust me - across the board 93 selection (possibly recorded in Jan 94).

Fabrok + Phaze 3

To finish here are a couple of unusual ones:


An early 1992 show from Chris Simon, who co-ran the Music Power record shop in Haringey

Chris Simon on Pulse


A tape from DJ Face on 88.9FM. Don't know anything about this, other than maybe Hardcore FM took over from Sunrise FM, which was connected to the Sunrise raves. 92 vibes.

Face on Hardcore FM

...plenty more goodness to come in the future, so keep in touch on facebook, twitter, email, stamped addressed envelope to be informed of new posts.


John Hell said...

thanks for posting these. I can't wait to give it a listen.

Check out San Francisco's pirate station Radio Valencia, 87.9FM in SF, when you have a chance.

Anonymous said...

That's "Music Power in Harringay" or Harringay, Haringey, but probably not just Haringey!