Guest Mix: Deep In The Jungle - Steph

An immaculate guest selection here taking in some late 93/early 94 hardcore, jungle and drum'n'bass - coming with the sounds of those deep and dark early morning sessions on London pirates Kool, Weekend Rush and Don. Steph has had an equally spot on UK garage mix on the blog before, which I can't recommend enough, and there's more mixes over on her soundcloud page. Satisfaction guaranteed...

Deep In The Jungle - Steph

DJ Gwange - Vinyl Paradise (Legend Records) 
FBD Project - The Core Johnny Jungle Remix (Bang'in Tunes)
Chaos & Julia Set - Fear The Future (Recoil)
Hyper-On Experience - Disturbance Tango Remix (Moving Shadow)
DJ Crystl - Warp Drive (Dee Jay Recordings)
Trinity - Chapter 20 (V Recordings)
Top Star & Master Flexxer - Ladies (white)
International Rude Boyz - Drum Programme Remix (Formation)
Studio Pressure - Jump Mk II (Certificate 18)
Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box (Full Cycle)
Family Of Intelligence - Learning From My Brother (Kemet)
Q Project - Champion Sound Alliance Remix (Legend Records)
Mayhem - Inesse Ray Keith Remix (Face Records)
Doc Scott - Rage (Reinforced)
Invisible Man - The Bell Tune (Good Looking Records)

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