Know the Truth - Tribute to Alpha & Omega

Paying tribute and respects to the mighty sounds of Alpha & Omega.  A big inspiration and education for me, they've been consistently putting out the deepest dub for well over 20 years, and always move from strength to strength - a new A&O album 'Blessed are the Poor' is set to drop any day now - this and their back catalogue all available from: - please show support. Unmistakable and unique music, with a gravity and purity you can't fake - truths all the way... 

Know the Truth - Tribute to Alpha & Omega

Show me a Purpose
Purposeful Dub
David and Goliath
David's Stone
Words of thy Mouth
Love is a Principle Thing
Principal Dub
Merciful Jah
Hand to the Wheel with Dub Judah
Dub Flute
Wicked Man Drop
Sapno Mei with Ital Lion & Sonia Panesar
Survivors of the City with Horace Martin & Jonah Dan
Don't Lock Me Down
Prowling Lion
Roaring Lion
Burn a Ring of Fire with Reuben Masters
Dub Masterpiece

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