World of Deep

There's nothing that satisfies like a dose of real searching soulful  mind-melting spirit-lifting techno. Have to doff my cap to Colin Dale who's mighty Abstrakt Dance radio show really opened me up to the potential depths of electronic dance music, and set me off down the path...

I'll definitely be putting together a classic 80s house & techno mix or two before too long, but this selection pulls out some less well known UK & US cuts from the 90s, and gets deeper and darker as it goes. Talking of dark, look out for the Ngin-O track around 29mins in - mmm-mmm-mmm - i get goosepimples on that one. Interesting slice of breakbeat blackness from Bill Laswell (played at the wrong speed) up after that too...

Dedication on this to Matt Green - happy birthday Matty, and thanks for the tunes - you're a star. Also a big big kiss to MLT X x.

World of Deep

100 Hz - Trans
Justin David - Quiescent Noise Rev II
Bryan Zentz - Untitled
The Pump Panel - To The Sky
E-Dancer (Kevin Saunderson) - World of Deep
Dextra - Sub Serene
Ngin-O - Mons
Trawl (Bill Laswell) - Trawl
JB3 (Joey Beltram) - Loose Kick
Sinister (Juan Atkins) - Untitled
Akilah Bryant - Sy-ren
one more for the road...
Drexciya - Sea Quake

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