Spring Sun Soul

Welcoming in the change of seasons with the annual rite on here that is the Spring Sun Soul mix. This year's selection is in full sun worship mode. Setting off on the first few in solar jazz funk fashion before moving on to some sunblessed dub, dnb, broken beat and the like. Keep an ear out for the Alpha Omega track Sun People  - definitely in my all time top howevermany... incredible tune. For more vernal vibes Spring Sun Soul Pt1 is here, and Pt2 is here. Goes out to all the Brownswood crew.

Spring Sun Soul

Jim Morrison Intro
Weldon Irvine - Morning Sunrise
Sons and Daughters of Lite - Let the Sun Shine In
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Love From The Sun
Herbie Hancock - Sun Touch
Leo's Sunshipp - Give me the Sunshine
Moodyman - Sunshine
Ramp - Everybody Loves the Sunshine
Ian O'Brien - Midday Sun
Manasseh - Shining Dub
Alpha Omega - Sun People (Nubian Minds Remix)
Mikuś - Heart of the Sun
Calibre - Second Sun


Henny said...

Beautiful vibes, thank you.

Nick said...

So good - perfect for a sunny May afternoon.