Guest Mix: John Eden & Grievous Angel present Lover's Rock

A big highlight of the musical year for me was getting down to the local cinema for a screening of a great new documentary: The Story of Lover's Rock, which brilliantly tells the story of the UK Lover's sound, with just the right mix of facts, humour, and good music. Any doubts I may have had about this scene were soon dispelled, and I left the cinema genuinely moved. More love is what we need! Cheesey but true...

The guest mix here is a top top slice of JA & UK love songs, going back to 60s and right up to the present day. Selecting the sevens is John Eden, whose Uncarved blog is a great spot for all things JA music related, and takes in a good dose of London culture & politics to boot. John is joined by Paul Meme aka Grievous Angel, hitting the delay and playing with the switches to great effect. I just can't get enough of this mix...sounding so so sweet. I should also point out that there are some great liner notes about the following tracks on the Uncarved blog, and what's more there's a whole other chapter of Lover's Rock from them here. Big up John and Paul for this, and I hope this mix adds a bit of warmth to your winter months.

1. Audley Rollins – What’s Your Name (Matador 7″)
2. Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon – Remember That Sunday (Treasure 7″)
3. The Silvertones – Two Time Lover (Studio One 7″)
4. Harry Hippy – Cover Me (Pioneer 7″)
5. Ronnie Davis – I Won’t Cry (Love 7″)
6. Gregory Isaacs – Sunshine For Me (African Museum 7″)
7. John Holt – If I Were A Carpenter (Striker Lee 7″)
8. Chantells – Waiting In The Park (Phase 1 7″)
9. Terry Linen – Your Love Is My Love (Raggedy Joe 7″)
10. Leroy Gibbons – To The End Of Time (House of Hits 7″)
11. Tony Curtis – Let’s Go (House of Hits 7″)
12. Bobby Kray – Silly Games (Sun Land Mix) (no label 7″)
13. Lukie D – Young Love (Special Delivery 7″)
14. Gyptian – Pretty Darling (Special Delivery 7″)
15. Oba Simba – Whistling Bird (Special Delivery 7″)
16. Tairo – La Vie Qu’Je Mene (Special Delivery 7″)
17. Ava Leigh – La La La (Virgin 7″)
 18. Toni Braxton – Yesterday (Sticky’s Lovers Remix) (Atlantic 7″)

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