Dusty Tapes: R Solution - Marc Mac, Dego, Kirk Degiorgio, IG Culture, Phil Asher + Patrick Forge

Another batch of rescued radio tapes here, these from the now vintage 4 Hero R Solution shows. The first 12" I ever bought was 4 Hero's 'Kirk's Nightmare', and like a lot of devotees to their sound I followed everything related to them and the rest of the camp loyally ever after, so when they got their own show - on Sunday nights, 2am to 4am on London's Kiss 100 - I was all over it.

To my ears the 4 Hero sound, be it the old hardcore stuff or new future soul material, is all about deep roots drawing water from the springs of 60s free jazz and 70s funk and soul, giving flower to music always way ahead of its time. The R Solution shows captured that whole spectrum.

R Solution only ran from 1998 to 2001 (cut short by the tragic selling-out of Kiss by new owners Emap) - three short years - but in that time the show became the home of what came to be known as the broken beat scene. Marc Mac and Dego shared the hot seat with Phil Asher and Kirk Degiorgio on rotation, each bringing their own angle.

I've upped a load of old radio tapes now - I think what all these shows have in common is that they were each a focal point for a living, breathing scene, in which listeners tuned in because the shows felt essential, building a movement, providing a testing ground for new music, and schooling on what had gone before. Couldn't be more true for R Solution.

Listening back now I cant help but feel that the music played seems more relevant and fresh than ever - where's the soul gone? If anyone knows where the home of the broken beat scene is today please post - I'm all ears. Enough chat - enjoy:
4 Hero - World Wide - Sides A + B

I think this might be the very first 4 Hero show, in a guest spot given to them in Giles Peterson's Worldwide show (at that time also on Kiss). A warm up for what was to come.

Phil Asher - Original Texture - Side A
Phil busting soulful broken beat nuggets

Phil Asher - Modaji Interview - Side B
Interviewing Modaji and playing some of his twilight jazz jams

Kirk Degiorgio - Vintage Selection - Sides A+B
From disco to hip hop to jazz to afro to dub to heaven!

4 Hero - All Good, All Love - Side A
Deep in the beats

4 Hero - All Good, All Love - Side B
Deeper still

Kirk Degiorgio - The Mizell Brothers Special - Side A
Kirk plays a selection of strictly Mizell Brothers productions - pure quality 70s jazzfunksoul

Kirk Degiorgio - The Mizell Brothers Special - Side B 
The tribute continues - strictly Mizell Brothers; Sky High productions

4 Hero - On the One Double Zero, Lahvley! - Sides A+B
A friend of mine sent this one over, not my tape. Thanks KP.

IG Culture - Main Squeeze - Side A
Not strictly R Solution, this was recorded on BBC London (another once-great station now on the crimes-against-music-list), but definitely belongs here. IG digs deep in the bag...

IG Culture - Main Squeeze - Side B
Part two of IG's show, finishing up on a bit of JA music. BIG UP IG.

Patrick Forge - Forging Ahead - Sides A+B 
As with IG, Patrick Forge isn't technically part of the R Solution thing, but a tape of one of his shows definitely belongs here. With Kiss since pirate days, and finally cutting out in 2008, the man is a radio legend - jazz cadet of the highest order. Salute!

R Solution lives on in a different form on NuWave Radio - check it - i'm especially feeling Dez and Biz's Cybershow - definitely still solving the problem...


Anonymous said...

Grate post, wish broken beat would make a come back

ML said...

Thank you so much for these!
been looking for some r solution mixes for ages and now ive found some!
wikked. on the d/l of these.

ML said...


Hey heres one for you that ive found also.
r solution - 4 hero 23-10-00

Mikuś Musik said...

Good one ML - if anyone has anymore tape rips to share let me know, I'll be happy to give them a permanent host.

ML said...

ah, that link I posted is actually the same as your "4 hero on the one double zero" set.

Loving the Kirk D mizell brothers special!
Heres a link to another mizell brothers special, this ones by Marc Mac from 4 hero.

zinosat said...

thanx for sharing this material!
I have uploaded some related stuff (mainly from Kirk Degiorgio) on my mixcloud profile:


Would you mind if I uploaded your mixtapes as well?
Of course I'd clearly state they're taken from your website and that your website is the primary link for those.

I still have tons of mixtapes to share!

Mikuś Musik said...

That would be fine by me zino - spreading good music is what its all about... Looking forward to having a delve though your tapes there - looks like a great selection...


zinosat said...

Thanx alot: I really appreciate it!
I uploaded the Mizell Brothers show already and the others will follow next, slowly but surely!