Make Mine the :P

I first heard snips of p-funk as hip-hop samples: tribe, jb's, de la, but especially digital underground, whose first album was verging on a homage, with George Clinton's mighty footprints on every track. Not long after, thanks to being given a great comp I got to ride on the mothership-proper for myself, and did so over and over and over.

I've had a great time going through the Parliament & Funkadelic discography for this mix: its fascinating hearing that unique sticky strain of funk first bud, grow, and then come to dominate over a sound that in the early years was primarily psych-rocking.

They were such a hardworking band - still are - non-stop gigging, countless albums, keeping on through thick and thin, the input of so many great musicians, commitment to pushing boundaries, a love for the audience, a love for each other - just some of the Clinton family secrets of funkcess.

On top of all that they're the original ravers - all about overcoming, understanding and having fun through dance music. Have to shout everyone who used to get down to Funkin' Pussy back in the day, with an extra special dedication to the living funky worm Arya!

Make Mine the :P

Transmissions from the Mothership
P Funk
Everything is on the One
Mothership Connection
Placebo Syndrome
Nappy Dugout
Big Footin'
Let's Take it to the People
Standing on the Verge of Getting it On
Uncle Jam
Get Off Your Ass and Jam
Foot Soldiers (Star-Spangled Funky)
Atomic Dog (Instrumental)
Let's Play House
Crush It
Aqua Boogie
Flash Light
Freak of the Week
Knee Deep
One Nation Under a Groove

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