Dusty Tapes: Mix Master Max on Defection 1992

I'm in the process of digitalising what tapes have survived to see this day. Like a lot of people I recorded lots of stuff off pirate radio (theres stories of people driving to the edge of London just to listen to the weekend pirates!), and if you wanted to make a mix tape for your mates, it meant buying a stack of blanks and doing a load of copies. I'm going to post up a small selection of tapes here, starting with this one which is very important to me. Defection 89.4 was a hardcore jungle station that ran in the first half the nineties. For me it was the best of all the pirates up at that time - a professional attitude, brilliant DJs, and even great MCs too.

Mix Master Max's shows were truly special, and this tape is a fine example, which I've listened to so many times I'm amazed it still plays. Max was full of tricks: scratches, juggling doubles, and playing dancehall tracks and mixing hardcore tunes over the top - this in particular was a huge influence on me. Most importantly the selection was impeccable and unique. I heard him live once back in the day at Roller Express (Future Myth), and he did all the tricks live too. He pops up now and again at a few oldskool nights. A legend in my book.

Nothing but love to all Defection crew: Chunks, Miley, Chattabox, Mix Master Max, DJ Wicked, Sonic, Nitro, Sketch,Wise, Ram, Flight, Nicklebee, King Size, Force of One crew, not forgetting Kemistry, Storm and the rest, and extra big shout to Lt Stitch. Oh, and big up Akt, who'd blam anything that moved, including the label of this tape!

Click here for Side A

Click here for Side B

Max has entered the Online DMC Champs 2011 with this little gem. What a legend! Cant keep a great deejay down


paul said...

omg....another old skool soldier...im sooty...smilies sister...true friends with max and co...i might b seeing him on sat...after 15 yrs...nice to know someone else is still ravingxxxxxwho is disxxx

Mikuś Musik said...

pass on my best wishes to smiley - nice to hear max back on kool fm the other day - i hear he's on Origin sometimes too? great days...