Hardcore Londonism

A ruff and ready mix of 92/93/94 hardcore, crammed full of favourites and dedicated to all the london ravers.

Seems fitting to do some shouts on this one: love to all the pirates, specially Phabrok, Phaze 3, Stingray, Ron and Brockie on Kool, and Lt. Stitch, Miley and the mighty MixMasterMax from Defektion - big up all the Orange, World Dance and Roller Express heads too. Extra Special dedi to my original raving compañeros : Akt, Idea, Fabz, Hungy, Ben Bush, Jimmy James, Chase, Jonty, Rachael, Turkey Lurkey, Jon E, Lexicus, Jed-I and the one like Crumpet ;D ...thanks for the memories!

Hardcore Londonism

*just 4 U london*
Bodysnatch - Euphony (remix)
Code 071 - A London Sumtin'
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War Chapter 2

*when it comes to sound business*
Phuture Assasins - Future Dub
Criminal Minds - Baptised by Dub
The Brothers Grimm - Exodus

*to all the rude boys dem*
Manix - Hardcore Jungalism
Doc Scott - Here come the Drums
Lenny D Ice - We are I.E
Urban Shakedown - Some Justice

*do it again*
Rufige Kru - Rollin Like Scottie
Noise Factory - Wheel Up

*for real*
4Hero - Real Love
Noise Factory - Breakage #6

*are you with me out there*
DJ Ron - Cannan Land
Smith and Mighty - Killa

Doc Scott - Dark Angel
Goldie - Saint Angel

*blissed outro*
Manix - You Held My Hand
Tek 9 - Just a Dream

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