Still Run Deep

Must be something about the dark nights in the depths of winter making these mid-90s deep rollers sounding as good as ever. This mix is a selection of the deepest cuts from all the labels that represented that post-hardcore sound, including Metalheads, Moving Shadow, Creative Source, Reinforced, Prototype, Basement, Dee Jay Recordings and of course Good Looking.

By the time '95 came around there were a lot of people who'd been raving their hearts out for as long as their grey matter could remember, leaving nervous systems hyper-sensitised, telepathic powers enabled and egos wiped! This is the soundtrack for those spaced out days...Special dedi to all the Milk Bar Speed cru.

*A little insight about the PFM (Progressive Future Music) track 'One and Only - if memory serves me right I think this was put together while Mike & Jamie were working on an oil rig out in the north sea.

Still Run Deep

1. Detroit - Jazz Juice (Wax Doctor + Alex Reece)
2. In Too Deep - JMJ & Flytronix (Blame Remix)
3. One and Only - PFM
4. White Blossom - Basic Unit
5. Ear Drums - Low Key Movements
6. Touch - DJ Krust
7. Stream of Thought - Intense
8. Is It Love - Hidden Agenda
9. Heaven - Splash
10. Kloke - King Kooba (Hidden Agenda Remix)
11. Mute (Remix) - Matrix
12. Hooligan - Digital
13. Blueprint - The Architex
14. Music - LTJ Bukem
15. Threshold - Dillinja

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