Mikuś - Rain Down Dub (2009)

Here's my second release on net label Planet Terror. Five more tracks of grainy dub goodness. Here's how the folks at PT describe it:

Mikuś returns with his second strong dub release on Planet Terror. Rain Down Dub is another showcase for his inimitable approach to the genre, combining grainy old school distortion with modern production styles. 'Rain Down' features another guest appearance from Kevin Robinson on flute. This is dub for the 21st century.

[PLANET016] Mikuś - Rain Down Dub

1. Sunrise, Nightfall (4:30)
2. Sinai Dub (3:43)
3. Rain Down (feat. Kevin Robinson) (3:19)
4. Belly of the Beast (3:32)
5. Most High Dub (4:08)

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