Dennis Brown Roots Crown 1977-1985

Serious selection of Dennis Brown in full roots mode, from the heaviest years of 1977 on to 85..incredibly he was only 20 years of age when the two sevens clashed. Arguably his greatest period... Although all the tracks are from 77-85, the Rainbow Country cover is actually from 95 but I really wanted to include it anyhow. If you want More Dennis after this check out this earlier mix I did, with  perhaps some of his better known material. 

Prophet Rides Again 
Jah Can Do It
So Jah Say
Breaking Down The Barriers
Little Village
To Be A Weakman
Fire Singer
Due Season 
Rainbow Country
Bubbling Fountain
Bubbling Fountain - Ray Symbolic Dub Special
Praise Without Raise
A True + Nu True
Why Fools
Blood City

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