Louie Vega Salute!

Paying respects with this little mix to one of the giants in dance music, someone who could easily claim the title of greatest soulful house producer at work today, Louie Vega. Can't think of anyone who has done as much to raise the standards of musicianship and quality in house music as he. From those massive early cuts with Kenny Dope to more recent collaborations and solo work, this little selection rubs together some of my favourites from across the years. Such a massive body of work to choose from, barely scraping the surface, but here I'm broadly going for more recent favourites first and then rolling out with some of those hugely influential garage dubs from the early 90s.

Special dedication on this one to Felix, celebrating his 9th birthday just now, and who has already got the Masters at Work bug. Big up Felix! Hope you enjoy this. Also big shout to all House FM crew...tip top London pirate station for years. For those who don't know you can catch Louie Vega in the mix every Friday night 9pm on there, amongst a whole host of other great DJs, including the likes of the mighty Josh Milan, who features on several tracks here also. www.housefm.net 

Louie Vega Salute! 

1. Elements of Life feat. Josh Milan -
 Children of the World (Roots Mix) [2013] 

2. Louie & Anane Vega - 
Heaven Knows (Louie Vega Heavenly Instrumental) [2016] 

3. Winans Brothers feat. The Clark Sisters - 
Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) [2015] 

4. Masters At Work  feat. Wunmi - 
Ekabo (Afro House Mix) [2000] 

5. Louie Vega & Josh Milan - 
The World Is A Family (Afrohouse Vamp Dub) [2017] 

6. E.O.L. Soulfrito - 
Upright Love (Louie Vega Lo-Rein Instrumental) [2017] 

7. Steal Vybe feat. Jon Pierce - 
Be Free (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) [2015] 

8. Masters At Work feat. India - 
I Can't Get No Sleep (MK Dub) [1993] 

9. Masters At Work feat. Lonnie Gordon - 
Bad Mood (MK & Masters At Work's Bass Hit) [1993] 

10. Masters At Work  feat. Neneh Cherry - 
Buddy X (Masters At Work Dub No 1) [1992] 

11. Masters At Work  feat. India - 
When You Touch Me (MAW Touch Me Dub) [1993] 

12. River Ocean feat. India - 
Love & Happiness (Yemeya Y Ochun) (12" Club Mix) [1994]

Also good excuse to repost this, stunning extract of Barbara Tucker ad-libing a version of Beautiful People at Roots NYC in early 2015, alongside Louie Vega going in on three decks to create the backing track. Magical stuff.

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