Aketi Ray: all-acoustic all-live dub-jazz group

AKETI RAY is the name of my new musical project - an all-acoustic all-live dub-jazz group....double bass, drum kit, upright piano, sax, trumpet, percussion, reverb and delay.......we play our own material, coming out of the instrumental music of post-independence Jamaica: ska, rocksteady, reggae, rockers, dub....but drawing inspiration and influence from Ethiopian and US jazz, west African percussion traditions, all with the tuff mind set of UK steppas. Kingston to Chicago to Addis Ababa to Dakar to London.

 There'll be a full album of material released later in the year, but we're kicking off in a special fashion....the first release, 'Mirror' is a 12" featuring two cuts from Aketi Ray and a two-part rework from UK dub stalwarts Alpha & Omega.

Alpha & Omega have been a foundational influence, so it is a massive privilege and honour to share our début pressing with them. The record is out right now on the mighty Steppas Records, and pressed on some heavyweight 180g vinyl. Big respects and thanks to Ben Alpha Steppa for making this happen. To get your copy head to the Steppas Records website, or other dub vendors.


I'll be posting occasional Aketi Ray news here too, but best to follow us over on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/aketiray and on our website here http://www.aketiray.com

Wish us luck! And I hope you like the music.....

Oh and there's a video for 'Mirror', the first release. Check it out below...give it some full screen for full effect..............

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