Spring Sun Soul

For the fifth year running its the annual Spring Sun Soul mix - music to welcome the new solar year in and reset the spirit to. As ever, the mix takes in everything from spiritual funk, deep dnb, soulful techno, organic dub and anything else that fits the mood. The whole collection of Spring Sun Soul mixes are now here: Spring Sun Soul Collection.

I'll be getting a lot busier on the blog in the near future, with lots of new mixes already lined-up - have been distracted with the album I've been working on - more info on that to come. Meantime, fling open the windows and turn it up....

Wishing everyone much warmth and happiness under the sun....

Spring Sun Soul 

Love From The Sun - Norman Connors
Sunwalk - Modlee and Vlooper
Astral Travelling - Pharoah Sanders
Rings Around Saturn - Photek
Meltdown - Marcus Intalex
So This is Love - Mental Cube
Feathers - Automation
Jungle Fantasy - Sam Most
360@1 29on696 - Theo Parrish
Kawai Dub - The Breadwinners

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Art P said...

Nice Music Feelin The Vibe