One Last Session

In the spirit of Auld Lang Syne - lest old acquaintance be forgot - here's a mix put together a long time ago on a smokey evening with a couple of my old flat mates. We were all due to move out and go our own ways, and we thought we'd put together a little mix to mark the occasion. There was no plan, other than put on one tune each, going around in a circle. There was only one copy of the recording and it was never listened to again! However, I found it the other day and so here it is. It was a fun time, decks always turning and all kinds of music playing. Happy memories. Much love to Jed & Robin

One Last Session

J: One Legged Low Frequency Guy - Red Snapper
M: War Song - Respected Men
R: Fu-Yu - DJ Krush and Toshinori Kondo
J: Can't Seem to Find Him - Love Unlimited Orchestra
M: Pali Gap - Jimi Hendrix
R: It Couldn't Be Me - Power Of Zeus
J: Black Magic Woman - Santana
M: Taurus Woman - Subterraneans (feat. Carleen Anderson & Jonzi)
R: D'yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin
J: Let Him Go - Wailers
M: Rat Race (live) - Bob Marley
R: Analogue Bubblebath - Aphex Twin
J: Melting Pot - Melting Pot
M: K.J.Z - Photek
R: too caned to put a tune on!
J: - ???
M: Someatime - Phoojun

 Key: J - Jed-I, M - Mikus, R - Robin Be

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