Don Magic - Tribute to Beefheart

Mad-cap shamanic acid-blue psychonautadelica has never been done so well or with such conviction as when Mon Seigneur Don Glen Vliet took to it as Capn Beefheart alongside his Magic Band. To commemorate his passing heres a little selection of some personal favourite moments from across the years - dedicated to animals, children, and his loving memory.

"There's so many things to feel and see while you're awake. They're just out of reach, out of grasp - yeah, out of reach. And just as many, maybe more, the minute that you sleep. So I got to throw my preach: skeleton breath - scorpion blush. I have a crush on your skeleton! Watch out unsuspecting stranger: you'll fall off the log, headfirst into dreams..."

Don Magic - Tribute to Beefheart

Skeleton Makes Good
25th Century Quaker
The Witch Doctor Life
Sun Zoom Spark
Safe as Milk
Seam Crooked Sam
Dali's Car
Drink Paint Run Run
Bat Chain Puller
Call on Me
Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles
Observatory Crest

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RIP Beefheart