Introducing Terra Incognita Recordings

I'm proud to announce the launch of a new new netlabel: Terra Incognita Recordings. Myself and 66N have been planning this for a long time and it has finally come together. We'll be putting out all kinds of music on it: we’re not going to predefine the sound of the label, but plan to just let it evolve over time – it’s all about music that has a value in itself, not for what it might be compared to. Give our website a visit and sign up one way or another to keep in touch

The plan is that each release will be accompanied by a mix by the artist, and kicking us off for the first release we have the following:

SixtySixNorth – True North Mix

 Setting the mood for his release, 66N has put together this mix of tracks that have influenced its creation. If you’re feeling these you’ll be sure to love his material too.

Quantic – Time Is The Enemy
4Hero – Les Fleur
Abraham – Magpie
SixtySixNorth – Always Something Burning
Hefner – Everyday
Ivy – Worry About You
Emperor’s New Clothes – Leaders And Believers
Fourtet – Twenty Three
Urban Spicies – Blanket
Archive – So Few Words
Chungking – Voodoo
Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner
Red Snapper – Bussing
Blue States – Your Girl

 SixtySixNorth – Convergence Vol.1 [TERRA01]

The first release on Terra Incognita Recordings comes from netlabel co-founder SixtySixNorth, a compilation of tracks pulled from the vault at Deep North studios. Acoustic electronica at its subtle core, the sound and instrumentation draws from a wider palette. Both filmic and lush in equal measures, the EP develops the space folk sound with grooves always to the fore.

1. Complicity (3:09)
2. Dub Monkey (4:15)
3. Under An Open Sky (3:54)
4. Return to the Breach (4:36)
5. Feel Anything (2:05)
6. White Like The Dawn (5:01)
7. Square Cash Pig (4.17)
8. Pages From Red Point (3.46)

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goodluck with your venture!...i hope it goes well for you guys...