Too Much War

A DnB mix from 2001 - a good time for the scene I think - a variety of formulas around, and lots of creativity in all of them. Some highlights include some early Twisted Individual - that track 'Disfunktional' a real boundary-pushing, techno-tinged work-out - much underrated.  Dillinja's 'Why?' was a real scene-changing track at the time and still sounds tuff, bluesy and deep, whilst Total Sciences 'It's Not Over' does it for me every time I hear it - definitely a persy. Opens with the national anthem: the 45 'disco' cut of the almighty 'One Blood'.

 Too Much War   
Junior Reed - One Blood
Digital - Deadline
Dillinja - Why?
Digital - Fix-up
Twisted Individual - Disfunktional
Reinforced White
Twisted Individual - Scurvey
Reinforced White
Capone - 2 Da 1
Roni Size  - Lucky Pressure Remix
Total Science - Breakfast Club
Marcus Intalex - Second Thoughts
Total Science - It's Not Over
A Sides - Spread Love
Marcus Intalex - Be Sincere Remix
J Majik - Spaced Invader

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