The Message Is... A DnB Vox Special

This is a big one - two hours of back-to-back vocal DnB tracks. What I love about the whole spectrum of the hardcore jungle dnb rave sound is that as it develops it can incorporate anything and everything. Some say there's no room for vocals in DnB - hopefully this mix proves otherwise. Some of the tracks have original vocals, whilst others are sample based, either way, where possible I've tried to credit the original vocalist.

Special dedication on this to Fabrok - happy birthday Fabs!

The Message Is... A DnB Vox Special
1. Truly - Peshay feat. Kym Mazelle
2. Love Thing - Marcus Intalex feat. Rochelle Fleming
3. Share the Blame - J Majik feat. Kathy Brown
4. The End - Special Forces feat. Robert Owens
5. Silently Bad Minded - Roni Size feat. Constantine Weir
6. Share the Fall (Rider's jeep mix) - Reprazent feat. Onallee
7. I Told You How to Rock - Dillinja feat. MC Fats
8. You're Mine - Potential Badboy feat. Yush
9. Up All Night - John B (unknown vocal)
10. Love & Hapiness - MIST (unknown vocal)
11. Rinse Out - DJ Hype feat. Ganja Max
12. It's Alright, I Feel it (Roni Size remix) - Nu Yorican Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown
13. Obession - Future Cut feat. Jenna G
14. Vintage - Influx Datum (unknown vocal)
15. Hide U - Kosheen feat. Sian Evans
16. A Better Place (MIST remix) - 4 Hero & Goldie (unknown vocal)
17. Love is Not a Game - J Majik feat. Kathy Brown
18. 9 by 9 (MIST remix) - 4 Hero feat. Imani Uzuri
19. Midnight (MIST remix) - Future Cut feat. Jenna G
20. Drop it Down - Calibre feat. Singing Fats
21. Spread Love (Nutone remix) - Black Sun feat. Donald Pikney
22. Spiritual Thing - MIST & Calibre feat. Eddie Amador
23. My Dreams (searching dub) - London Elektricity feat. Robert Owens
24. Everything Has Changed - DJ Red feat. Robert Owens
25. Wishing Well (Danny Byrd remix) - London Elektricity (unknown vocal)
26. Alright - Influx Datum (unknown vocal)
27. Love the One Your With - Supply and Demand (unknown vocal)
28. Finally AKA Love Story (Layo and Bushwacka remix) - Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight
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