Defection 89.4 - Saluting the Pirate Legends

Defection logo with a cheeky use of the DTI logo in it!

I grew up locked to pirate radio - getting out to a rave was a once in a while thing, but radio was there every weekend, Friday through to Sunday night. 1992 was a golden period in London, with a whole host of hardcore jungle stations on the dial, with three in particular leading the way: Weekend Rush 92.3 , Kool 94.5 and the mighty Defection 89.4 - from what I gather all running out of the same corner of Hackney, centred around the Nightingale Estate.

There was something about Defection that, for me, was just that notch above the rest. Serious high quality DJs, always a top selection, good natured uplifting MCing, great little jingles - just a sweet vibe that you can't fake. Defection...the station in the right direction...

I've posted a bit about Defection in the past, but this post here has been triggered thanks to my good friend Steph J digging out a nice little article about Defection from 1992. The article is alright - written by someone outside the scene,  so not really asking the questions I'd ask - but a nice little feature nonetheless. Best of all for me are the pictures! All that time listening to these  tapes (for years after the original broadcast) and having no idea what the studio and djs looked like...till now.

So check below for the scans of the article, and alongside that I'm posting up a few CLASSIC Defection sets - with download links and mixcloud streaming links.

Not sure when Defection stopped broadcasting but if I remember rightly by around1995 the 89.4 frequency had the ground-breaking UKG station London Underground on it. Always wondered if there was a link between them and Defection...

Nothing but love to all Defection crew: Chunks, Miley, Chattabox, Mix Master Max, DJ Wicked, Sonic, Shire, Nitro, Sketch,Wise, Ram, Flight, Nicklebee, King Size, Force of One Crew, not forgetting Kemistry, Storm and all the rest, and extra big shout to Lt Stitch. 0831 323 099....

*If any old Defection crew see this post and can ID who's who in that photo up top, please post in the comments. In fact any other memories / facts / jokes, please post them!*



Mix Master Max Masterclass - 1992
This is my hands down all time favourite pirate radio tape. Massive influence on me. Max was full of tricks: scratches, juggling doubles, and playing dancehall tracks and mixing hardcore tunes over the top - this in particular was a huge influence on me. Most importantly the selection was impeccable and unique. I heard him live once back in the day at Roller Express (Future Myth), and he did all the tricks live too
Download link Side A  ///// Mixcloud Stream Side A
Download link Side B ///// Mixcloud Stream Side B

Lt Stitch + Killer '92 Set + Defection 89.4 // 1993
Recorded in '93, Stitch lovingly tears through his favourite cuts from '92 - goosepimples and smiles guaranteed. Miley alongside.Bad bad set

Dj Wicked + Lt Stitch 
Wicked, aka Evil Ed, another Defection veteran, always fun sets with top notch scratching. Gold.
Download link ///// Mixcloud Stream

Feel Free - Killer 1993 Set
Feel Free was such a tight dj - brillinat set building and running mixes long - no quick cut crosses, just building tune on tune. Fantastic 93 set.
Download link  ///// Mixcloud Stream

Lt Stitch + Full Crew in the Place - 1992
Vibes in the studio with a full house in session and Stitch playing some top tunes
Download link ///// Mixcloud Stream

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