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Out of the dubstep scene in London its the Anti-Social camp that really do it for me (not forgetting Deep Medi, but its all family there). First came across them after hearing a track by West London producer Silkie, most often coming with a jazz inflected style, picking up where the broken beat scene left off. The two albums out on Deep Medi to date are both essential purchases (not to mention the 12s).

Although the sound tends towards the jazzy and musical, in fact thats a bit of a pigeon holing exercise, as they collectively push a lot of barriers and go in all kinds of directions. Dubstep as a term has long failed to contain whats going on out there, but theres even more new ground getting covered here....

Anti-Social had a show on Rinse FM, but are currently holding the fort over at Flex FM. Here are a couple of recordings showcasing whats going on:

Jay5 alongside G Double on their first ever show on Flex - coming dark

Heny G has just launched a new album, a very Bukemesque take on dubstep called Child Hood - this is a recording from the launch night

0.00 - 15.44: Syte - dark dubstep
15.45 - 75.48: Jazzy Jazzy aka J Tijn - playing all kinds a crazy dark new electro, acid techno, god knows, plus a couple of Silkies
75.49 - 135.31: Heny G - Showcasing the new album Child Hood

G Double was on the mic that night, but the recording comes straight from the decks so his voice is missing.

And last up here's Silkie in the mix showcasing the City Limits Vol 2 LP

Great music, support it, buy it, go catch them live, and tune in on Flex FM - Heny G's Gangsta Boogie show in on Thursdays 2-4pm, Jay 5 is currently on a monthly show on a Thursday night, 10pm-Midnight - but that may all change by the time you read this

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Latest Heny G show on Flex for your listening pleasure!